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GLG LLP | Business, Real Estate and Litigation Lawyers Toronto

GLG LLP is a boutique law firm in the heart of downtown Toronto. Founded by Bay Street lawyers, GLG LLP combines big-law expertise with small-law client service at cost-conscious rates. The firm’s main practice areas include corporate commercial law, real estate law, and civil litigation. As both barristers and solicitors, the partners are able to take ownership of any file from beginning to end.

The firm’s advantages are so numerous that many companies choose GLG LLP to be their de facto in-house counsel. Having started their careers at large, well-regarded firms, the lawyers at GLG LLP experienced first-hand the pros and cons of the classic ‘big firm’ model of practicing law. Determined to improve the pros and minimize the cons, the lawyers formed their own full-service firm alongside the big firms in Toronto’s legal and financial district.

The goal in founding the firm was to provide clients with access to the services and skill sets similar to those offered by the large firms, with the personal attention and reasonable rates of a more modest firm. GLG LLP prides itself on its high level of service and best-in-class client communication, but the firm’s main priority is generating exceptional results for its clients. The founding partners are all skilled and knowledgeable lawyers with reputations for excellence.

Our Services:

  • Real Estate Lawyer
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Commercial Leases & Negotiations
  • Mortgages & Refinancing
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Purchasing a Home
  • Selling a Home
  • Residential Real Estate FAQs
  • Title & Status Certificate Review Lawyer

Cohen LLP, Barristers & Solicitors

At Cohen LLP, your needs are our Priority. We are a client-oriented boutique law firm that combines a personal touch with large firm expertise to provide you approachable and professional legal services. We focus on two of the most important and emotional legal needs that anyone will face during their lifetime, residential real estate, and estate planning. Your home is one of the most important investments that you will make.

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer, or seller, a current homeowner, or a property investor, our experienced and friendly team works closely with you, the real estate and mortgage agents, to ensure a smooth, worry-free closing. Planning your estate to protect your loved ones is a complex and sensitive matter, that is distressing for some, and not one that most people deal with regularly.

Our experienced lawyers provide comprehensive estate planning services, from preparing a will, arranging power of attorney, assisting with the planning of taxes, and helping to establish trusts in a timely and sensitive manner. Our approachable team provides you the highest standard of personal service to help with your legal needs.

Our Practices:

  • Purchasing
    Our experienced and friendly team works closely with you and handles all the complexities of purchasing a home so that you don’t need to.
  • Selling
    Our skilled and responsive team takes care of all the necessary steps, assuring that the sale of your property is executed on time and without issue.
  • Refinancing
    Our experienced and knowledgeable lawyers will help you smoothly navigate through your refinancing and help you get the best results to suit your needs.

Isenberg & Shuman

We are a Toronto-based boutique law firm, providing legal services in the areas of real estate, wills and estate planning, estate administration, and corporate law. We pride ourselves on quality, professionalism, and accessibility, and make a point to deliver friendly, trustworthy, and affordable legal services.

Whether it’s buying or selling a house, making a will or being an executor of an Estate, this can seem very overwhelming. At Isenberg & Shuman, we know that high quality services, ease of communication, accessibility, and reasonable fees are very important to our clients. We have closed thousands of real estate transactions and have many years of experience.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate Law
    We can advise you through the process of buying or selling residential or commercial real estate.
  • Wills & Powers of Attorney
    We provide advice and guidance to clients who need assistance drafting wills and powers of attorney.
  • Estate Administration
    We can assist you with all aspects of the Estate Administration process and application for probate.
  • Business Law
    We act for both buyers and sellers in the purchase and sale of small to medium sized business.
  • Corporate & Commercial
    We provide corporate legal services for entrepreneurs of small to medium sized Toronto businesses.
  • Notarizing, Commissioning
    We are qualified to perform notarizing services for clients who require a signature from a registered notary.

Schwarz Law Partners LLP

Schwarz Law Partners LLP has the expertise to serve you in a variety of practice areas. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible representation. Backed by years of experience, our lawyers are dedicated to providing guidance for growth; whether personal, professional or as part of your business team.

Schwarz Law Partners LLP is a full service boutique law firm, offering sound and practical professional advice in the areas of Business Law, Corporate, Securities, Commercial matters, Liens, Estates and Tax Planning, Employment and Business litigation. As a result, through our network of associated firms, we can provide national and international solutions as required.

Our experience and commitment to achieving your goals and resources, enables us to provide the best in legal services. The Firm has written for the Brampton Guardian, Real Estate News and the Toronto Sun. With over 40 years of experience in the Canadian residential consumer real estate market, and a recognised leader, Schwarz Law LLP recognises that the conveyance of a home is usually the single largest transactions of a client’s life.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Residential Real Estate
  • Corporate and Commercial Business Law
  • Commercial Real Estate, Financing & Land Development
  • Wills, Powers of Attorney, Estate, Trust and Tax Matters

Levy Zavet PC, Lawyers

At Levy Zavet we consider our team to be well equipped to address any real estate and business law matter, from simple closings of purchases, sales, mortgages, refinances and complex acquisitions, to acting on behalf of condo developers, home builders, mortgage lenders and private lenders, or as the trusted legal advisor to businesses on corporate and transactional matters.

Our years of experience enable us to provide clients with timely, accurate and responsible advice in matters that range from business and real estate transactional and litigation work to personal matters such as wills and estates and tax planning. Along with an extensive track record of success, our close-knit firm is dedicated to providing unparalleled service to all of our clients.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate
    We understand the sensitive nature of all Real Estate transactions and work efficiently and professionally to provide clients with all of their possible legal options and potential outcomes.
  • Business & Finance
    We work on Business transactions of all kinds, from drafting agreements to raising capital or selling a business. We know the importance of diligently securing a loan, beit a mortgage, construction finance or debenture.
  • Estates & Tax
    A well-planned estate can protect loved ones, maintain a family business, save taxes, avoid conflicts and accomplish many other objectives.
  • Litigation
    Experienced in real estate and construction litigation as well as every-day business disputes, mortgage enforcement & power of sales, debt recovery, employment law and wrongful termination, estate conflicts and disputes, we are always focused on getting our clients the best results possible.

Aura LLP Lawyers

We are experienced in assisting start-ups, and domestic and international businesses across a wide range of industries. Nearly all of our corporate work is available on flat-fee billing. Our Business Law practice includes significant experience in commercial drafting & negotiation, and entertainment, media & intellectual property.

We are Ontario’s leading law firm in the co-ownership of residential and commercial properties. We understand how to navigate the intricacies of co-buying and co-living. We never lose sight of the reasons behind your decisions and your ultimate vision of a life well-lived. We will present you with a comprehensive list of options, and we will help you explore the benefits, risks and costs of each option so that you can feel comfortable with your decision – a customized strategy tailored to your unique circumstances.

These types of plans are best developed with empathy and honed through years of financial acumen – ensuring everyone you care about is looked after. It is why we take a balanced and holistic approach in preparing your will & estate plan.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Business
    We offer the business and legal advice to help you incorporate, build and sell your company.
  • Real Estate
    When it comes to realising your real estate dreams, there are many factors – both mental and emotional – that impact your plans.
  • Wills & Estate
    Planning for life’s eventual turns will set your mind at ease, preparing for moments that resonate long into the future.

Real Estate Lawyer Toronto – LD Law LLP

LD Law specializes in all real estate matters, we ensure that our client’s legal needs are secure and protected. We serve across/all over Ontario. If you need professional lawyers for real estate in Toronto, Ontario, our experienced real estate lawyer ensures worry-free and convenient real estate closings.

Real estate lawyer Toronto can guide you in matters of buying or selling commercial and residential property located in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario. The real estate lawyers in Toronto at LD Law LLP will assist corporate & individual clients with a full range of real estate services, including litigation. Buy or sell a property located in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario.

When you are in Toronto, owning real estate can be the reason for your hypertension unless you have a lawyer at your contact. LD Law is a professional law firm to provides you all kinds of help regarding real estate, wills, estate planning, and business law. Especially in the need for a real estate lawyer, nothing can be a better choice than an LD Law LLP firm.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate Law
    Buying or selling real estate? Refinancing your mortgage? Our team is able to handle all of your real estate needs.
  • Wills and Estate Planning
    LD Law offers tailored wills and power of attorney for property and personal care suitable to your needs and wishes.
  • Business Law
    Looking to start your own business? Our business and corporate lawyers provide the necessary advice and tools to launch your business venture.

Eran Gevantschniter

Our boutique law firm is known for providing exceptional legal services in residential and commercial real estate transactions while treating our clients with the utmost care. Our customers receive timely and cost-effective results with their buy and sale transactions, and we are easy to work with and will go the extra mile for you.

We are firm believers in establishing healthy and beneficial relationships with our clients so that they can always feel at ease when communicating with our office and utilising our legal services. We will take excellent care of you by providing you with personal legal assistance by a lawyer. Do you think you’ve found the home of your dreams?

We’re here to assist you, so don’t worry! Given that buying or selling your future home in Toronto will be the single largest investment you will ever make, it is critical to hire an experienced Real Estate Lawyer in Toronto. A real estate closing may appear to be a simple routine transaction, but it is often a highly complex matter that is beyond the scope of a non-understanding.

Our Services:

  • Real Estate Law – Residential Transactions, Commercial Transactions, Title Searches, Institutional and Private Mortgages, Resale, Re-Financing, Title Insurance, all real estate transactions and many more by our real estate lawyer toronto in Downtown providing reasonable real estate lawyer fees.​
  • Notary Public – Notarization of Documents, Affidavits, Commission of Affidavit, Certifications, Statutory Declarations, Drafting of Consent to Travel Documents and more.
  • Estate Law – Drafting Wills, Powers of Attorney for Property and Personal.
  • Corporate /Commercial Law – Companies Incorporation, Securities Law, drafting Shareholders Agreements and more.
  • Civil Litigation- Legal representation for Superior Court and Small Claims Court matters.

Real Estate Lawyers Toronto Ontario

We specialize in simplifying real estate transactions by leveraging our cutting-edge technology and well-established relationships with real estate agents, institutional lenders, private lenders, title insurance companies, among many other relevant real estate industry participants. Our team strives to deliver the highest personalized service at competitive rates. Our hours are flexible and our staff are very knowledgeable and accessible.

We provide flat-rate retainers which allow us to offer the lowest price guaranteed and not take any legal fees up-front. We are not a directory or a franchise. Our team strives to deliver the highest personalized service at competitive rates. Our hours are flexible from 7am-midnight, 7 days a week to sign your closing documentation, and our staff are very knowledgeable and accessible. We provide flat-rate retainers which allow us to offer our lowest price guaranteed and not take any legal fees up-front.

Our Real Estate Lawyers strive to simplify real estate transactions while delivering the highest personalized service at competitive rates. We focus our expertise to simplify real estate transactions by leveraging innovative technologies and well-established relationships with real estate agents, institutional lenders, private lenders, title insurance companies, among many other relevant real estate industry participants.

Our Services:

  • Buying Real Estate
  • Selling Real Estate
  • Buying & Selling Real Estate
  • Mortgage Transactions
  • Transfer of Ownership/Title
  • Assignment Of Property
  • Wills & Power of Attorney
  • Estates & Probate
  • Incorporations
  • Joint Venture & Lease Agreements
  • Corporate & Commercial Matters
  • Notarizing & Commissioning

Costa Law Firm

Buying a house is a significant investment, if not the most significant investment, for most individuals and families. A lawyer’s expertise is required in the closing stages of the purchase and sale transaction. As a result, clients want certainty with respect to their legal fees. Our aim at Costa Law Firm is to provide home buyers and sellers with clarity as to legal fees and disbursements.

That said, it should be noted at the onset that not all transactions or mortgages are equal. In particular, some mortgage transactions are more involved and this translates into increased costs. The legal cost of closing a transaction can be divided into two parts: legal fees (what you pay the lawyer for his/her services) and disbursements. As with all transactions, HST is applicable.

Here at Costa Law, our Real Estate Group is recognized and well respected in the communities in which we practice. Although real estate is a much more complex area of law then it was a decade ago, our attorneys have the experience and skills necessary to handle the most complex issues.

We have successfully guided our clients through title searches, surveys, zoning requirements, the purchase and sale of residential property, the purchase and sale of commercial property, and more. Our real estate lawyer in North York and Toronto work hard to understand our clients’ goals so that we can tailor our services and our approach to their needs, in order to achieve a positive legal result.

Our Practices:

  • Mortgage Refinance
  • Property Title Transfers
  • Wills & Estates
  • HST Rebates Lawyer
  • Private Mortgages Lawyer
  • Company Incorporation
  • Commercial Lease Review Lawyer
  • Joint Venture Agreement Lawyer Toronto