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Merchant logo Butkowsky Immigration Law

Canada is a desirable destination for people from around the world, but the immigration process can be complex and time-consuming. Having an experienced legal professional in your corner means that you will have an ally who can guide you through every step of your immigration journey, from basic guidance and applications to interviews and court hearings.

Larry Butkowsky and his legal team are ready and available to assist you and your family in achieving your immigration goals. The firm focuses exclusively on immigration and refugee law, and represents clients who wish to become permanent residents or citizens, as well as those seeking temporary entry or short-term residence in Canada for work or educational purposes.

Larry also helps those seeking refugee protection. Larry can assist clients with every step of the immigration process, from determining which immigration avenue is right for you to completing applications and paperwork to helping you prepare for interviews. Larry also advocates for his clients in immigration litigation, including appeals, judicial reviews, hearings, and deportation proceedings.

When choosing a lawyer to assist you with your immigration case, it is important to seek out a law firm with a solid track record and plenty of experience. The Law Firm of Larry Butkowsky has been a leader in immigration law in Toronto for more than two decades. Larry practices exclusively in the area of immigration and refugee law; that focus allows him to remain up-to-date on the latest developments in his field.

Our Practice Areas:


Abrams & Krochak

Abrams & Krochak has become one of the most respected Canadian Immigration law firms in Canada over the past two decades, providing personalized service and a unique understanding of Immigration issues and how they affect people’s lives. Everyday, we put our over 40 years of combined experience into practice, bringing skilled professionals and family members to Canada and helping people just like you realize your dream of a better life in Canada.

Our near perfect record of converting Canada Immigration applicants into Canadian residents is a testament to our high level of professionalism and attention to detail.* We apply this same approach to each and every person applying to immigrate to Canada. Many of our clients receive Canadian Permanent Residence without even having to attend an Immigration interview because their filed paperwork is prepared by Jeffrey Abrams & Peter Krochak in accordance with Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s exacting standards.

Our Services:

  • Immigration Process
    When a Canadian Immigration applicant becomes a client of Abrams & Krochak, the first thing he/she will receive from the firm is a package containing all the necessary forms, document checklists and instructions to begin the Canadian Immigration Application process.
  • Life in Canada
    Canada is a cultural mosaic, built by a society that respects and celebrates many cultures from around the world. Immigrants count for roughly 20% of the total Canadian population, with many new Canadians choosing to reside in urban areas such as Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver.
  • Legal Assistance
    Having professional help to guide you through your Canadian Immigration process is vital to ensure forms are filled out correctly, information is complete, and that your Application for Permanent Residence in Canada is as easy, straightforward, and flawless as possible.

Kaminker & Associates Immigration Law

Kaminker & Associates is a full-service, boutique immigration law firm based in Toronto, Ontario. Our dedicated team of skilled immigration lawyers gets to know you and works closely with you to get the results you need. You will work with the same lawyer from start to finish and have direct access to them throughout your case.

Our goal is to find the best solutions so that businesses and individuals can fulfill their purpose and thrive in Canada. With our 30+ years of combined legal experience, we are able to guide our clients to the resolution that best meets their needs while handling any unforeseen instances that may arise. We are here to navigate the complexities of the law.

Dealing with situations that can affect someone’s livelihood or their lives is not something we take lightly. You can be assured your case will be handled with the utmost care and respect. We are here to help you make that next step a reality. Whether you’re an individual immigrating to Canada, coming to Canada to work, visit, or study, or a company hiring foreign workers, Kaminker & Associates provides personalized, knowledgeable, creative and trusted legal assistance with every step of the way.

Our Service Areas:

  • Permanent Residence
  • Family Reunification, or Humanitarian.
  • Citizenship
  • Visit Canada
  • Global Talent Stream
  • Free Trade Agreements
  • Hearings and Appeals
  • Refugee
  • Study in Canada
  • Temporary Foreign Worker Program
  • Intra-Company Transfers
  • Inadmissibility
  • Work in Canada


At AKM Law, our experienced Immigration legal team offers a wide range of immigration services and specializes in Canadian Immigration to Toronto and all over Canada. Our Immigration Lawyers can provide you with the necessary advice and guidance to help you plan the most effective course of action for your Canadian Immigration, either by temporary visas or permanent residency. Let our compassionate, knowledgeable, and confident legal professionals assist you in making decisions and understanding your immigration rights in a cost-effective and timely fashion.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Family Sponsorship
    We may assist you with sponsoring your spousal, children, parents and lone surviving relative.
  • Temporary Visas
    We may assist you with your study permits, work permits, LMIA’s, visitor visa, super visa, temporary resident permits (TRP).
  • Refugee Claims And Humanitarian Applications
    We help with obtaining protection as refugees in Canada and permanent residency on humanitarian grounds.
  • Express Entry
    We may assist you with your CEC, FSW, skilled trade and Ontario provincial nominations applications.
  • Citizenship Applications
    We may assist you with determining your eligibility, refusals, revocations and resumptions.
  • Immigration Appeals And Federal Court Applications
    We may assist you with the appeals or federal court applications to the following IAD, ID, RPD, RAD, IRCC.
  • Deportation
    We may assist you with your removal orders by requesting deferrals and federal court stay applications.
  • Inadmissibility
    We may assist you with inadmissibility’s related to criminal, medical, misrepresentation, financial, securities and others.

Green and Spiegel LLP

Our track record speaks to the fact that we provide our clients with an unparalleled level of excellence in immigration legal services. With nearly 60 years of experience exclusively practising immigration law, Green and Spiegel can assist you in any type of immigration application in Canada or the United States. When it comes to integrity, we are uncompromising. We deal with clients, colleagues, government agencies and with each other with honesty, fairness and respect.

We have been doing immigration law since immigration law was invented in Canada. For nearly 60 years, we have been bringing people from around the world to Canada to live and work. We are proud of the outstanding legal work that we do every day. For us, results matter. We treat each and every client as though they were our only client and treat them like family. We listen, we care and we get the job done. Quite simply, we care.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Permanent Residence
    Specialists in Canadian Permanent Residence – Experts in all Permanent Residence avenues including Express Entry – Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Trades Program, and Provincial Nominee Program.
  • Global Mobility Experts
    We truly offer borderless solutions. Green and Spiegel ensures that your business gets talent in the right place at the right time.
  • Start-up • Business • Investor • Entrepreneur Immigration
    Green and Spiegel helps bring innovation, ideas and people to Canada. Interested in starting or expanding a business or by supporting innovative entrepreneurs through investment?
  • Family Sponsorship
    Green and Spiegel helps unite families. Canadian permanent residents and citizens can sponsor certain family members so they can live, study and work in Canada.

Ronen Kurzfeld Immigration Lawyer Toronto

When it comes to immigration applications and appeals, there are several factors that have to be kept in mind. These can prove complicated for the average individual. At Immigration Way, we dedicate attention to make sure that legal matters are handled in an appropriate manner. The experienced Toronto immigration lawyer and legal team at Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration can assist you with all inquiries ranging from visa applications to permanent resident applications.

Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration has dedicated itself to immigration law. An experienced immigration lawyer in Toronto, Ronen Kurzfeld graduated from Osgoode Hall Law School, Canada’s largest and oldest law school. Ronen studied the prestigious intensive programme in Immigration and Refugee Law.

We are a full-service Toronto immigration law firm and we handle all immigration cases, from Express Entry to Business Applications and Enforcement. We represent clients from all over the world and can represent clients in almost any language of their choice. Kurzfeld Law Office of Immigration typically represents sophisticated and difficult cases referred by other counsel.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are able to devise stronger defence strategies for our clientele. When you have an experienced Canadian immigration lawyer in Toronto that you trust on your side, it makes a significant difference to your case.

Our Services:


Immigration Lаw Firm – Маtthеw Jеffеrу

Matthew Jeffery is a Canadian immigration lawyer based in Toronto, Canada. Mr. Jeffery specializes in all types of immigration matters, from spousal sponsorships to refugee board appeals. With over twenty years of experience and an excellent success rate, Matthew Jeffery is recognized as one of Canada’s premier immigration lawyers.

We provide the full range of services to assist Canadian citizens and permanent residents to bring their foreign family members to live in Canada. Our firm’s many years of experience with spousal and common-law partner sponsorship provides unparalleled expertise and guidance through Canada’s complex sponsorship process.

Extending a permanent resident card for a further five years can be a complex undertaking. Our office has years of experience with highly complicated P.R. card renewal cases, bringing our clients a level of expertise that is unmatched in the industry. Permanent residents of Canada who have fulfilled the requirements to apply for citizenship will benefit from the expert guidance of our office to best ensure the quick success of their application.

Foreign nationals or Canadian permanent residents may be subject to allegations of inadmissibility to Canada for various reasons, such as misrepresentation, criminality, or simply failing to meet the criteria of the Act. The Law Office of Matthew Jeffery has years of experience successfully assisting clients to defend themselves in the full range of admissibility matters.

Our Services:

Family Sponsorship

Express Entry

Permanent Resident Cards


Immigration Appeals

US/UK to Canada

Immigration Inadmissibility

Refugee Cases

Battista Smith Migration Law Group

As Toronto immigration lawyers in Canada, we understand the immigration landscape has become increasingly complex to navigate. Our firm has over 26 years of experience in Canadian immigration law and our expertise is recognized across Canada and internationally. We are advocates, shapers of the law, community leaders, and teachers.

Our Toronto-based immigration lawyers believe that migration is a fundamental freedom and that immigration barriers to Canada should exist only when necessary. Canadian diversity is our strength, and immigrants are welcomed to Canada. Our firm based in Toronto, Canada can give you practical legal advice that will help you meet your immigration goals, whether it is visiting, studying or moving permanently to Canada with your family.

Our firm has expertise in complex and novel immigration issues, including advocating for the LGBTQ+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer) community both in Canada and abroad. Our advocacy began over 25 years ago through championing immigration issues affecting the LGBTQ+ and HIV community including advocating for the inclusion of same-sex and queer family sponsorship to Canada.

Our Immigration Services:

  • Family Sponsorship and Sponsorship Appeals
    Same-Sex Sponsorships Canada (and Opposite-Sex)
  • Corporate
  • Humanitarian and
    Compassionate Applications
  • Federal Court
    Appeals of a Refused Decision
  • Inadmissibility
    Medical, Criminal and Misrepresentation
  • Refugee and Asylum Claims
    Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Students / Faculty
  • Economic Categories

Mamann, Sandaluk & Kingwell LLP

We are a full-service immigration law firm. We represent clients located within Canada and around the world. Our lawyers are licensed to practice in both Canada and the United States. As one of the largest immigration law firms in Canada, our lawyers represent clients in all types of immigration, citizenship, or refugee protection matters.

Our lawyers assist individuals and families who are seeking to enter, remain or reunite with loved ones in Canada and the United States. We represent clients in hearings at the immigration and refugee division, at immigration detention centres across Canada, at the Federal Court of Canada, and in the provincial courts of Ontario.

Our Servies:

  • Canadian Visas
    We handle all applications for temporary or permanent residence to Canada ie visitor visas, study permits, LMIA’s, work permits, sponsorships, etc.
  • U.S. Visas
    We handle all applications for temporary or permanent residence to the USA ie visitor visas, study permits, work permits, sponsorships TN, H-1B, O, E, citizenship etc.
  • Immigration Hearings
    We handle all Canadian immigration hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board and the Federal Court of Canada ie refugee hearings, admissibility hearings, etc
  • Real Estate Law
    Our experienced and friendly team of lawyers and support staff can assist you with all of your real estate needs.
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
    We can assist you with your business purchase or sale, shareholders agreements, term sheets, federal and provincial incorporations, rollovers, PPSA registrations and all levels of business contracts.
  • Wills & Estates
    We offer services in will preparation, estate planning, trusts, estate administration and survivorship applications.

Bellissimo Law Group

A recognized name in Canadian immigration with a unique expertise in appeals, medical and inadmissibility cases we service all Canadian corporate & individual immigration needs. Our skilled team, elite standards & extensive experience have resulted in success at every level of the immigration process including the Supreme Court of Canada. We are ready to assist with efficient, cost effective & practical solutions.

We have helped thousands of people with their immigration, citizenship and refugee matters, with team member’s experience dating back over forty-five years. Bellissimo Law Group PC has a well respected and lengthy history with immigration stakeholders. Bellissimo Law Group PC is responsible for key citizenship and immigration court decisions, policy and publications that have shaped immigration law.

Bellissimo Law Group PC is one of few remaining law firms that focus exclusively on Canadian citizenship, immigration and refugee law. Bellissimo Law Group represents clients from all over the world and has had a profound impact in the advancement of citizenship, immigration and refugee law and policy development with experience dating back over forty-five years.

Bellissimo Law Group PC has developed an expertise in complex citizenship, immigration and refugee appeals and inadmissibility cases for persons applying for temporary and permanent residence in Canada over several decades.

Our Practices: