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The 10 Best Immigration Lawyers In Ottawa

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NIRMAN’S LAW Professional Corporation

Nirman’s Law Professional Corporation, a law firm in downtown Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, have assisted clients in matters appearing before the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Federal Court of Canada, and various administrative tribunals in Canada. Daljit and the rest of our team are happy to provide high-quality service at reasonable costs tailored to your needs.

Canada welcomes thousands of immigrants every year with goals of economic and cultural growth. While acquiring Canadian citizenship is the final objective in the immigration process, there are many, often-complex steps on the applicant’s path to entering the country. At NLPC, we assist clients at the Federal Court of Canada and the Immigration Appeals Division as well as at Refugee Hearings. We also have experience in dealing with officials of both Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Human Resources Development Canada.

At Nirman’s Law we seek to find the most practical and efficient way to protect your rights and the value of your business or property, and hope to meet your needs in small claims or other small-to-medium-scale litigation options. For any complex matters beyond our expertise we will assist you in referring to a good and reputable lawyer in Ottawa.

Corporate and commercial law seeks to help public and private companies operate optimally within given guidelines. Business environments are continually evolving along with the law, so each miniscule change can have an impact on a business, no matter the industry.

Our Services:

  • Immigration Law
  • Border Detention and Admissibility Review Hearings
  • Civil Litigation
  • Corporate & Commercial Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Wills & Estates
  • Notary Services

Hakimi Law Office

Born in Afghanistan, Mr. Hakimi has lived in several countries and is familiar with different cultures. He speaks English, Farsi and Dari (all dialects), Pashto and Urdu. Mr. Hakimi has been involved in numerous community service initiatives for more than three decades.

In addition to his experience and command of Canadian immigration and refugee law, Mr. Hakimi is an expert on Afghan and Iranian law. He has spoken on legal issues and written legal op-eds for media including the Persian service of the BBC.

I assist and represent clients who come to Canada to make a refugee claim. I work with refugees from all over the world and I am familiar with the particular experiences of refugee claimants from Central Asia and Middle East regions with specific knowledge of country conditions of Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq. I handle all refugee cases with compassion. I use my extensive community contacts to connect clients with community services, to help clients overcome past trauma, and to settle clients in Canada.

An individual empowered by the government to witness signatures on legal documents. In Ontario, documents are typical notarized by lawyers licensed by the Law Society of Upper Canada.

I assist parents who have adopted a child overseas and need to apply for permanent residency and citizenship for their child.Also I assist foreign workers with skills that are in demand by Canadian employers.

Our Services:


Odette Rwigamba Lawyers Professional Corporation

Odette Rwigamba Lawyers Professional Corporation is a dynamic, progressive firm, focused on the delivery of practical and timely solutions tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients. Our clients’ goals and needs matter to us and empowering them is our priority. We will work with you to ensure that your rights are protected.

Odette Rwigamba Lawyers Professional Corporation was founded by Odette in 2003; and the firm has grown steadily in response to an expanding client base. Our lawyers have gained extensive experience representing clients before all levels of courts in Ontario, from Superior Court of Justice, to Divisional Court, to Court of Appeal for Ontario, to Federal Court of Canada and before various administrative tribunals. Our lawyers have equally and successfully represented hundreds of our clients via out of court dispute resolutions such as mediation.

When you are going through a divorce or a separation from your spouse, there are several complex legal issues that must be resolved. You need an experienced and dedicated Family Law Lawyer on your side. Odette Rwigamba Lawyers PC provide you with dedicated, experienced, results- oriented Legal Counsel during your entire divorce and separation process. Our team of experienced divorce and family law lawyers will aggressively defend your rights and financial interest during your divorce process so that you can move forward successfully.

Our Services:

  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Personal Injury Law
  • Business Law
  • Wills & Estate Law

ImmiLaw Immigration Law Professional Corporation

Immilaw Immigration Professional Corporation is a Canadian Immigration Law Firm based in Ottawa, Canada. Our fundamental goal is to provide our clients with exceptional legal representation in all in immigration matters and we strive towards making sure the highest chances of visa success. We are dedicated to offering legal solutions to the most vexing problems related to immigration. We stick to the highest professional standards. We guarantee the most personalized services and one0on-0ne consultation to each client. We assist international students, temporary foreign workers, foreign entrepreneurs and investors, and candidates seeking temporary or permanent residence status in Canada.

An Application for leave and judicial review means an appeal submitted to the Federal Court on an appeal on an immigration decision. In the first stage of this appealing process, which is called ‘leave’, the court considers the appeal based on written arguments and evidence. These are submitted by the lawyer representing the appellant, the lawyers for the immigration department and the Department of Justice.

Canadian Visitor Visa is meant for short and temporary stays in the country. Some countries have an agreement with Canada because of which their citizens need not have a visitor visa to enter Canada. Many of our clients come seeking our support with regards to visitor visa mainly because their visitor visa application has earlier been refused.

Our Services:


AdaJulie Legal PC

Julie Ynès Ada is our Principal Lawyer and Founder of AJ Legal. She has an extensive legal experience from Canada, South Africa and other parts of the world. After a few years in law school, she completed her first LLM at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) specialized in Human Rights Law, followed by a second LLM at McGill University, Canada specialized in Comparative law and she is finalizing a Ph.D. in law at the University of Ottawa.

Julie is licensed to practice law in Ontario, Canada and is dedicated to advocating for her clients from the initial consultation stage to negotiations and if required, a trial. Julie completed her articles and worked at a prominent Ottawa law firm. She assists clients in family, child protection and immigration matters. She has argued in Courts across the Ottawa region and achieved great settlements on behalf of her clients. Julie is a member of Legal Aid Ontario’s family law panel; she accepts clients with Legal Aid Certificates in addition to privately retained matters.

At AdaJulie Legal PC, we take the time to explain how the law applies to your particular situation. We understand every divorce and separation has its own circumstances and issues. We want to discuss these in detail and how the law applies, while exploring options to help you make the right decisions.

During your divorce and separation processes, there are several outstanding issues you must resolve either with ADR or through litigation. These include but may not be limited to: custody and access, division of property, disposal of the matrimonial home, child support and spousal support.


Slipacoff Immigration Law

Slipacoff Immigration Law is located in the city of Ottawa, Canada. We represent Canadian based and international clients in their quest to obtain permanent residence and citizenship in Canada. We advise and guide our clients on the optimal path to achieve their goal.

Although Slipacoff Immigration focuses primarily on sponsorship applications, we do have the capacity to assist clients immigrate or remain in Canada via other immigration avenues. Please contact us at your convenience to inquire how we may help you.

Retaining an experienced immigration lawyer to complete your sponsorship application and represent you on the matter is a type of investment. One mistake or omission in an application package can result in the return of the entire package, the loss of a considerable amount of time, and the need to start from scratch.

Indeed, if your application is returned to you for correction, your application is not held in a queue and it is as if you starting the application again from the beginning. Moreover, if an applicant or sponsor unintentionally provides an incorrect answer, this could result in the rejection of the sponsorship application. So when considering whether to hire an immigration lawyer to do all the work for you, please keep in mind the potential risk to go it alone.

Our Services:


Boghossian Morais LLP

Express Entry is a system used by the Canadian government to manage applications for skilled and qualified workers or traders in Canada or overseas for the Canadian Permanent Residence programs. It may involve both the provincial and federal levels of Canadian government working with Canadian employers to select foreign skilled workers and/or traders to permanently live in Canada.

Our team at Boghossian Morais LLP is not just proficient, competent and knowledgeable about all aspects of Canada immigration, we are also professionals who have gone through the Canadian immigration experience. We have successfully helped our clients by providing sound and caring legal advice.

Boghossian Morais LLP have successfully helped many skilled workers with foreign work experience to immigrate to Canada via both the Federal Skilled Worker program and the Federal Skilled Trades program. Applications for both the Federal Skilled Worker Program and the Federal Skilled Trades Program are processed through the Express Entry system’s selection process for permanent residency.

Our Canadian immigration lawyers at Boghossian Morais LLP have experience in helping foreign nationals obtain study permits and visas to study at designated learning institutions (DLI) – previously approved by a Canadian province or territory to host international students, once they are accepted into a program and meet the legal requirements under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) and the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) to do so.

Our Services:

  • Express Entry
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Federal Workers and Trades Program
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Family Sponsorship
  • Study Permit
  • Visitor Visa
  • Business Immigration
  • Canadian Citizenship
  • Permanent Resident Travel Document
  • Danger Opinions

Marwah Law

Strategic legal counsel is critical to the success of any startup. Some sectors are governed by complex laws and careful planning is integral to an organization’s success for years to come. At Marwah Law, we help businesses navigate complex legislative schemes and craft long term strategies by leveraging over 8 years of business law experience.

The success of any franchising operation depends on maintaining professional and cooperative relationships between franchisors and franchisees. The business lawyers of Marwah Law advise and represent both franchisors and franchisees in the protection of their individual rights as well as in understanding their unique obligations under the law.

When it comes to leasing commercial property in Ontario, in general, many complex problems can arise. Whether you are about to settle into a brand-new office unit or store, or renew a long-term lease agreement in a warehouse, Marwah Law is here to provide you guidance. The best way for landlords and tenants to protect themselves is by retaining a commercial property lawyer that can make sure the entire commercial leasing process goes smoothly.

At Marwah Law, we advise on all aspects of real estate transactions, including commercial and residential developments, buying and selling real estate, and refinancing. Marwah Law have the capacity to take on any level of transaction in a fast-changing, growingly complex field.

Our Services:


Taub Julie Immigration Lawyer

Julie Taub is an immigration lawyer in Ottawa. Julie and her firm provide immigration, temporary resident visa, study and work permit, family sponsorship and notary services. Ms Taub is a senior bilingual Canadian Immigration and Refugee lawyer with 20 years experience and a former Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. Julie Taub Canadian Immigration law office offers Canada immigration services in all areas of immigration across Canada to clients from all over the world since 2001 in English, French, and Hungarian.

Julie Taub is a bilingual (French and English) immigration lawyer practising in Ottawa, the capital of Canada with more than 15 years of experience in Canadian Immigration Law. She is a licensed lawyer, a member in good standing of the Law Society of Upper Canada, the County of Carleton Law Association and with the Barreau du Québec. Julie Taub is recognized by the Government of Canada (Department of Citizenship and Immigration) as an authorized representative.

Julie Taub est une avocate bilingue (français et anglais) en immigration à Ottawa, la capitale du Canada avec plus de 17 ans d’expérience en droit canadien de l’immigration. Elle est avocate agréée, membre en règle du Barreau du Haut-Canada, de l’Association du Barreau du Comté de Carleton et du Barreau Bora Laskin. Julie Taub est reconnue par le gouvernement du Canada (ministère de la Citoyenneté et de l’Immigration) à titre de représentante autorisée.


Gerami Law PC – Immigration Lawyers

Gerami Law is a full-service immigration law firm in Ottawa that specializes in matters related to Canadian immigration, citizenship, and refugee law. Our services are tailored to our clients’ particular immigration needs, and our professionals are dedicated to developing the best strategy by providing creative, efficient, and effective solutions.

Gerami Law Professional Corporation provides Canadian immigration and refugee law services to a broad range of clients. Our immigration lawyers serve families, students, employees and employers, refugee claimants, and individuals interested in working and immigrating to Canada. Our services are tailored to your immigration and refugee needs, and our professionals are dedicated to providing creative, efficient and effective solutions to your immigration or refugee matter. We serve our clients in either English, Arabic or Farsi.

If you require business immigration services, our team of business immigration lawyers will offer you skillful and strategic legal services, including assistance with your Intra-Company Transfers, Permanent Foreign Workers, Labour Market Impact Assessments, NAFTA Transfers, Business Visitor Visas and Provincial Nominations.

Gerami Law PC represents clients in a number of industries including small businesses, professionals, technology providers, entertainers, artists, athletes, musicians, coaches, food services, health care providers, government and non-governmental organizations. We are a corporate immigration law firm that believes in a personalized approach that carefully considers your immigration needs, assesses your eligibility and provides the best option and strategy for you.