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Kerfoot Burroughs LLP

Creating a Will and workable estate plan can be a challenge for many individuals. The laws for wills, trusts and succession planning are changing with ever-increasing frequency, resulting in a greater need for proper legal advice. Issues of second or blended families, questions of guardianship, concerns regarding transferring personal wealth or family businesses to the next generation or personal care planning for those individuals with disabilities or incapacity are difficult to resolve without the benefit of sound legal advice.

Our Wills and Trust lawyers have decades of experience drafting and reviewing a broad array of types and styles of estate planning documents. We conduct an in-depth assessment where we discuss your family, companies, ownership of real estate and bank accounts, beneficiary designations, insurance coverage, Powers of Attorney, and Representation Agreements. We listen first, assess second, and then provide our personal and considered legal advice accordingly. Often, this assessment and the advice that follows, saves our clients thousands of dollars in taxes or other government fees.

Businesses do better with lawyers. Our business lawyers assist our clients with their corporate structure, ongoing governance and internal relationships – the internal foundation that drives the business. We also assist with the external commercial transactions – the actual business of our clients that drives their profits. Our business clients hire us to be their advocate, their consultant, and their advisor so they can make solid, well informed business decisions.

Our Services:

  • Wills & Estates
    Business Law
    Civil Litigation
    Family Enterprises
    Real Estate Law

Lindsay Morphy, Fertility Lawyer

People need the assistance of reproductive technologies for many different reasons. Sometimes, a lawyer is a necessary part of the journey. I can help you navigate the legal field whether you are in need of a surrogacy agreement, independent legal advice, an egg donation agreement, a sperm donation agreement, an embryo donation agreement or a parentage declaration. I am passionate about what I do and am dedicated to helping my clients realize their dreams of building their families.

After obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in English (2000) from the University of Calgary, I graduated with my LLB from the University of Alberta in 2003. After articling at a national firm in Calgary from 2003-2004, I moved to Vancouver where I practiced in civil litigation, gaining valuable and significant experience in both the private and public sectors. I have appeared in all levels of court in British Columbia as well as the Federal Court and the Federal Court of Appeal.

I built a solid legal foundation in litigation for over 10 years before following my dreams and starting my own practice in my preferred area of fertility law. Since then, I have helped over 150 families grow. Often I get the chance to meet some of these babies after they are born and I feel extremely honoured to have played a very small role in my clients’ journeys.

Depending on what type of assisted reproduction is being used, it could be essential to enter into an agreement before conception in order to clarify the intentions of the parties in terms of who will be the legal parent of the child.

Bijan Ahmadian at WWR Law

The lawyers at Wiebe Wittmann Robertson LLP understand that the legal system can appear complex and frustrating for many individuals. It is our goal to educate clients on the legal process and the challenges inherent in any legal dispute. Our lawyers are experienced, skilled and knowledgeable in a wide range of practice areas and offer a truly international experience. Some of our lawyers have qualifications that include admissions to the bars of England and South Africa, in addition to that of British Columbia.

Collectively, we have diverse experience in the business community that we draw upon to practise law. Our in-depth understanding of business operations and thorough knowledge of the law combine to give us a unique perspective that our clients find helpful.

It is our goal to find a solution to a client’s particular problem using every method at our disposal, including negotiation and courtroom litigation. We strive to find a path to dispute resolution that is successful without becoming a drain on our clients’ time and resources.

Our Services:

  • Construction Law
    Copyright & Trademark
    Corporate & Commercial
    Commercial Litigation
    Creditor Remedies
    Entertainment & New Media
    Estate Litugation
    Judicial Review of Immigration Decisions
    Residential & Commercial Real Estate
    Strata Property Law
    Wills, Estates, & Trusts

ACE Legal

As your Family Law lawyer, serving the Greater Vancouver, BC area, we provide friendly, clear, helpful and affordable representation at all levels of court. We’ll help you with issues involving the end of a relationship, disputes over parenting, and determination of spousal and child support. Our lawyers also draft wills.

Andrea at Ace Legal understands the strain of going through a divorce. That’s why, as a Vancouver-based divorce lawyer she will carefully provide you clear, concise knowledge of your rights and obligations.

Prenuptial agreements or Marriage agreements establish the property and financial rights of each party in the event of a separation or divorce. These Agreements can also help organize how things are to be handled during a relationship or marriage.

Separation agreements are necessary when ending a marriage or common-law relationship. They must be prepared carefully and in accordance to the law as the decisions you make now will impact you and your children for potentially many years. Therefore, we strongly recommend you don’t sign anything until you and your ex-partner have both received independent legal advice.

Our Services:

  • FEES

England Lam Family Law

Jessica England and Louise Lam are a team of family law professionals that strive to protect clients and their children from the hardships of separation, and help them to build a brighter and happier future. We are passionate about what we do because we affect meaningful and positive changes for families going through separation. We bring over 20 years of family law experience to the table and we are skilled in dealing with even the most complex and challenging situations.

There are three grounds for divorce in Canada, however, most couples apply on the basis of having lived separate and apart for one year. In Canada, we have “no-fault divorce,” meaning that the reason that the relationship came to an end is not taken into consideration by the court when considering issues of support and property division.

There is no formal document or order required to affect a separation. All that is required is the stated intention of one party to permanently end the relationship. The decision does not need to be mutual. A couple can be separated and living separately under the same roof.

Our Services:

  • Divorce and Separation
  • Child Custody, Guardianship, and Parenting Time
  • Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements
  • Spousal Support
  • Child Support
  • Home and Property Division
  • Self-Employed and Business Matters

Solimano Law

Solimano Law is a law firm located in downtown Vancouver that focuses in the areas of civil litigation, construction law, real estate litigation, residential real estate transactions/conveyancing, employment law, and family law.

As a firm that prides themselves on strategic excellence and analytical expertise, we are relentless in our pursuit to find a constructive solution to your legal matter. In saying that, we do understand that your time and money are valuable, and that’s why Solimano Law’s core mantra of “Client focused. Results driven.” has always been the cornerstone of our firm. Our team of lawyers, paralegals, consultants and support staff truly believe that legal services should be accessible, efficient, easy to understand, provide great value, and get real results for our clients.

So how does this impact you? You can expect a more efficient and cost-effective resolution to your legal issue, while working with a team that is committed to achieving the best possible outcome for you. By choosing Solimano Law you won’t just be cultivating a relationship with your lawyer, you’ll be developing one with an entire firm that has your best interests at heart.

Our Services:

  • Civil Litigation
  • Construction Law
  • Employment Law
  • Real Estate Litigation
  • Real Estate Transactions
  • Family Law
  • Probate
  • Wills and Probate Lawyer

Connect Family Law

Connect Family Law is built on the idea that going through a separation requires the support of a community. Our lawyers will provide you with advice and guidance on just about any family law problem you may be facing. We know that separation is not just about legal advice, so we have also partnered with counsellors, child specialists and corporate/tax specialists to ensure you are supported from beginning to end.

We support our clients in all the traditional areas of family law, including separation and divorce; property and debt division; child and spousal support; guardianship, parenting time and mobility; and cohabitation, marriage and separation agreements. How we offer that support, however, is anything but traditional. For more information, check out our services overview.

In addition to advising clients on separation and divorce, we also support clients who are in the early stages of a relationship by creating agreements to deal with issues relating to money, property or debt that could arise should that relationship someday break down. If you decide to enter into a Cohabitation or Marriage Agreement with your partner, we will educate you on all possible outcomes and work with you to create an agreement that protects your interests and reflects your commitments and intentions.


Nasser Allan LLP Vancouver Divorce Lawyers

Divorce can be one of the most stressful situations you face in your lifetime. At Nasser Allan, our team of family law experts help you successfully navigate every aspect of this challenging and complex period. Every story is unique, and therefore every legal approach needs to be as well. Building on our expertise in family law, we provide a tailored strategy that ensures you have a clear sense of your options every step of the way. Always taking into account your distinctive family needs, desired outcome and budget, we provide a clear action plan and guide you through the process with transparency.

Separation and divorce proceedings can result in emotional, social and financial strain, particularly for couples with children. We help parents work constructively with these challenges, making decisions that focus on your child’s best interest amidst changing circumstances. We understand that our responsibility as family lawyers goes beyond the legal process and adopt a problem-solving approach that considers your long-term interests and, most importantly, the well-being of your children.

The decisions you make during your divorce are not only emotionally and mentally exhausting, they can also be financially devastating. Your decisions can have a long lasting negative impact on your current and future financial future. Do not make them uneducated and alone. Our Vancouver Divorce Lawyers are skilled at managing the divorce process and ensuring that our client’s future is protected.

YLaw Group

YLaw handles general litigation matters as we take interest and have experience in a variety of cases. We appreciate clients from all walks of life and are motivated to solve your problems or fully protect you in court if necessary. No matter how big or small your case is, it always advisable to talk with a lawyer and obtain some general legal advice on your options moving forward. Knowing the law that applies to your case and your strengths/weaknesses are invaluable aspects that should be taken into consideration before embarking on the litigation process.

Our Estate Litigation Lawyers in Vancouver and Surrey are intimately familiar with all issues that arise within and outside a family. Estate litigation is really an extension of family law in some aspects. Family lawyers who also practice estate litigation are best suited to deal with estate issues as they have expertise in both areas of these laws, which ultimately concern a family.

When dealing with a family law issue, everyone is alive and can speak for themselves. When dealing with estate litigation, one or more people are dead and cannot speak for themselves. So the Estate would have to either sue or defend against claims relating to the deceased.

Our Services:

  • Corporate Law
  • Immigration Law
  • Estate Litigation
  • Civil Litigation

MacLean Family Law

Choosing to leave a relationship is one of the hardest things you will do in life. Whether you’re laying the foundation for a new family relationship and require a prenuptial agreement, or experiencing a relationship breakdown with property division issues, it’s a serious, often challenging matter, particularly for those with high net worth assets and income. MacLean Law has one of the largest Mandarin, Cantonese, Chinese and Punjabi speaking international family law teams, with an award-winning and successful track record.

Optimize your separation and divorce outcomes by engaging the MacLean Family Law team. We’ll guide you through this sensitive time and help you navigate the intricacies of family law, child support, and child custody issues. If you have International challenges such as Jurisdictional Issues or Foreign Orders, we’ll help you arrive at practical solutions uniquely tailored to help you and your family thrive.

A couple who is seeking divorce in Canada but has acquired international property have many complex issues to deal with upon separation. Provincial Family Law Acts also have specific rules regarding property division and excluded property. A Canadian court does not have jurisdiction over foreign property, but there are various remedies to track and account for foreign assets, so there is an equitable division of property. There are remedies in Canadian courts regarding equalization payments that can even the distribution of international property values to both spouses.

Our Services:

  • High Net Worth Services
  • High Net Worth Separation & Divorce
  • Family Trusts & Businesses
  • Grey Divorce
  • Family Property Division
  • International Matters
  • Jurisdictional Issues
  • Foreign Orders and Agreements
  • Foreign Assets and Tracing