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The 10 Best Criminal Lawyers In Vancouver

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Martland & Saulnier

Martland & Saulnier is a leading Vancouver criminal law firm dedicated to providing quality, client-centred service. With experience on our side, we know what it takes to provide dynamic representation to the people that we serve.

Whether you are looking to appeal a conviction or a sentence, it is important to have representation with comprehensive with an understanding of the criminal appeal process. At Martland & Saulnier, members of our team have served as law clerks to appellate judges, allowing them to have an understanding of the appellate process at every stages. Appeals are subject to strict time frames and require quick action in order to comply with the limitation periods. We encourage you to consult with a lawyer soon as possible if you plan on appealing.

The implications of charges related to driving offences are serious. With so much at stake, working with an experienced defence lawyer is critical. At Martland & Saulnier, our lawyers possess the expertise needed to provide a vigorous defence. We have the legal knowledge and hands-on experience trusted by clients across Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. We know that there is a lot on the line and are committed to seeking out every available option to ensure that your rights are protected.

Our Services:


Peck and Company

Peck and Company is one of Canada’s leading criminal litigation firms. Their practice is focused on the defence of individuals who are under investigation or who have been charged with criminal offences. The lawyers at Peck and Company have extensive experience in trial and appellate courts and before administrative tribunals.

Since its founding in 1992, Peck and Company has grown to be one of the largest criminal litigation firms in Canada and has developed the resources and expertise to address any criminal law issue, including commercial crime, driving charges, assault and sexual assault, murder and manslaughter, extraditions, appeals, and constitutional litigation. Founding partner Richard C.C. Peck, Q.C., and members of the legal team at Peck and Company, have acted as counsel in many significant Canadian criminal cases and have appeared at all levels of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

The mere laying of criminal charges can have a significant impact on an individual’s work and personal life. Charges can affect a persons’s reputation in the community and can limit future employment prospects. Because of the significant consequences that arise from a criminal charge, retaining legal counsel is advisable from the earliest stages of a police investigation. The lawyers at Peck and Company often advocate for clients at the police investigation stage, before charges are laid. In some cases, counsel can assist clients in avoiding the laying of charges.

Our Services:

  • Criminal Charges
  • Extradition
  • Constitutional Law

Carley Legal Services

Tom Carley is a DUI lawyer located in Vancouver, WA. For many years, Tom has defended thousands of clients in the Clark County courts. His experience has given him the insight into the intricacies of a DUI charge. Tom understands the interplay between the courts, the Department of Licensing, and the probation department. DUI’s are complex.

You need a skilled criminal defense attorney who is more than merely familiar with a DUI charge. Our office keenly understands how best to represent our clients facing DUI’s, negligent driving, reckless driving, driving while suspended, ignition interlock violations, and probation violations. We keep up to date on the latest developments in the law.

At Carley Legal Services, we have the experience and understanding in the science behind field sobriety tests, the required warnings and advisements an officer must provide to you, and the complex protocol an officer must adhere to in administering these tests. We take the time to investigate your matter personally. If an officer has cut any corners during your investigation, it pays to have an experienced attorney on your side.

Our Services:

  • DUI
  • Domestic Violence Attorney
  • Felony Charges
  • Assault Charges
  • Expungement And Firearm Restoration
  • Criminal Defense Attorney
  • Driver License Lawyer

Vayeghan Litigation

If you were arrested for domestic assault, you may be worrying what your next steps should be. The first thing you should do when arrested for domestic abuse or any other crime is to exercise your right to remain silent. You are not required by law to speak to law enforcement officers about the charges until you have a lawyer present. Although you are not required to provide information, you must always remain civil with the police. Finally, when facing such a serious charge, you must contact a domestic assault lawyer as soon as possible.

Whether you need a drug defence lawyer, traffic/speeding ticket lawyer, or are the victim of an assault. Tom will challenge the evidence and work diligently to get you the best possible outcome. Get his 20+ years of litigation experience and reputation working for you.

When you receive a traffic ticket or violation notice, your first instinct is to pay the fine and forget about it. But did you know there are ways to dispute a traffic ticket? When you receive a ticket, you have thirty days, including weekends and holidays, from the issue date to file a dispute. Your dispute can be filed in writing or in person.

Our Services:

  • Domestic Assault
  • Driving Offences
  • Traffic Tickets
  • Drug Crimes Defence
  • Criminal Defence
  • Crimes of Violence
  • Fraud & Theft
  • Arson Lawyer

Filkow Law Vancouver

Early in his career, Mr. Filkow was trained and mentored by some of Canada’s leading criminal and litigation lawyers, laying the foundation for his successful criminal and court practice spanning over two decades. Having built an outstanding reputation based on an impressive track record of results for his clients across British Columbia, Mr. Filkow opened his own firm with a team of associates with offices in Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, Abbotsford and Kelowna.

Clients benefit from Filkow Law’s deep and broad knowledge and expertise of criminal law, driving law and the criminal justice and court system. Filkow Law is known for its skilled advocacy, its highly accessible culture, its signature strategic approach to every case, and the exceptional results achieved.

The lawyers at the firm have excellent reputations with the police, prosecutors and the courts across British Columbia. In addition to their courtroom skills, the lawyers at Filkow Law advocate for and achieve decisive victories away from the public eye, often before the criminal or driving case ever sees a day in court.

Mr. Filkow is a senior, respected trial lawyer. He is an exceptional negotiator and case strategist. Mr. Filkow has represented thousands of clients on all matters of criminal and driving law. He is consulted daily by other lawyers for his knowledge, insights and advice. He works very hard to achieve and effect the best possible results for his clients.

Our Services:

  • Sexual Assault
  • Criminal Driving
  • Drug & Money Offences
  • Assault Offences
  • Theft & Property Offences
  • Driving While Prohibited
  • Licence Prohibitions
  • ICBC Breaches & Car Accidents
  • Immediate Roadside Prohibitions

Mickelson & Whysall Law Corporation.

Brian Mickelson, Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore and Meghan Forhan are criminal lawyers who represent clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges. The lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall are experienced in defending driving offences, impaired driving, fraud and theft offences, drug offences, crimes of violence including domestic violence, assault, sexual assault and all other criminal charges. They also have extensive understanding of civil forfeiture, customs and border seizures, and record suspensions. Their wide-range of practice and knowledge makes the lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall well suited to defend any issue you may have.

Brian Mickelson, Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore and Meghan K. Forhan are Vancouver based criminal lawyers who restrict their practice to the defence of people under investigation or charged with criminal offences and driving offences. Their work takes them to all regions of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Surrey, Richmond, North Vancouver, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, and throughout the Lower Mainland. They also frequently travel to all corners of British Columbia and Western Canada to appear in court for their clients.

Brian Mickelson, Joel Whysall, Cathryn Moore and Meghan Forhan are criminal lawyers who represent clients accused of a wide range of criminal charges. The lawyers at Mickelson & Whysall are experienced in defending driving offences, impaired driving, fraud and theft offences, drug offences, crimes of violence including domestic violence, assault, sexual assault and all other criminal charges.

Our Services:

  • Practice Areas
  • Driving Offences & Immediate Roadside Prohibitions
  • Domestic Assault & Other Assaults
  • Drug Offences & Civil Forfeiture
  • Theft & Fraud Offences
  • Sexual Offences
  • Charter Litigation

David Karp Law Corp.

David Lance Karp is an experienced criminal defence lawyer who defends individuals accused of all types of crimes, including marijuana grow operations, drug trafficking, violent crimes and impaired driving. As a lawyer, Mr. Karp works one-on-one with each client and provides dedicated service. He works hard to prepare a vigorous defense and uses his extensive knowledge of the law to make sure his clients rights and freedoms are protected.

Mr. Karp has access to many additional resources, including experts in disciplines such as forensic evidence, psychology, toxicology and other specialties which he can call upon whenever required. In your case, you can be assured that David Karp will provide vigorous and skillful representation at all stages of the legal process.

David Karp is a Vancouver experienced defence lawyer who energetically defends people accused of sexual assault and other sex crimes. Mr. Karp uses every investigative and legal tool at his disposal to defend his clients whether they are facing rape charges or accused of using the Internet for solicitation of a minor. He will work hard to protect your rights and preserve your freedom.

David Karp is a partner in a leading Vancouver criminal defence law firm. David has extensive experience defending clients in all types of criminal matters, ranging from impaired driving, assault and high-level drug trafficking and murder. For vigorous and skillful representation, turn to David Karp.

Mines & Company Criminal Lawyers

Vancouver based criminal defence lawyers, Mines & Company have, since 1993, maintained a proven record of success defending Michael Mines, Ryan Johnson, and Ian Gauthier have a combined total in excess of 35 years’ experience conducting criminal trials. Their trial strategies and courtroom skills are enhanced by both lawyers’ past experience doing Crown prosecution work. Michael, Ryan, and Ian take great pride in the professional relationships they have built over the years with Crown prosecutors, judges and other defence lawyers. The firm has earned a reputation as being highly professional, ethical and dedicated to our clients.

Mines & Company has conducted close to 4,000 client matters over the years. This extensive criminal law experience has given us the depth of knowledge to assess our cases before they get to court. In essence, once we understand the issues of a particular case, we will be able to provide advice as to the probable outcome. Where appropriate, our lawyers will strongly advocate for a successful resolution of charges prior to your trial. Our firm grasp of the facts and the law, coupled with our excellent advocacy skills often allow us to negotiate a resolution that is favourable to our client. We will always strive to “control the outcome” of our case through a successful plea negotiation without the necessity of a trial. However, when we are called upon to argue a case in court – whether at trial or at a sentencing hearing, we find that our excellent preparation and courtroom advocacy pays off. The vast majority of our clients’ cases are resolved favourably.

Our Services:

  • Assault
  • Assault Causing Bodily Harm
  • Assault with a Weapon
  • Domestic (Spousal) Assault
  • Uttering a Threat

Jonathan J Israels Law Corp. – Criminal Lawyer

Often referred to as a “spousal assault”, these “types” of assault generally include two parties who are involved in a relationship (such as boyfriend / girlfriend or husband / wife). As there is no Criminal Code provision dealing specifically with domestic assault, a person is charged with the offence of assault, assault causing bodily harm (or whatever the level of assault that allegedly occurred). These matters often involve a “he said/she said” disagreement over the facts.

In the majority of these cases (depending on the circumstances of the offence, history of the relationship, background of the Client, and so forth), Mr. Israels is able to negotiate with the Prosecutor in order to ensure that the Client avoids a criminal record. This can be accomplished in a number of ways, including: having the assault charge dropped (or “stayed”), negotiating Alternative Measures (avoiding the Court process altogether), or through the imposition of a section 810 peace bond. In all three of these options, again, the primary goal is to ensure that the Client avoids a criminal record.

Equally as important when dealing with an assault charge and often the first goal of Mr. Israels when working for a Client who is charged with domestic assault (depending on the wishes of the Client of course), is to make efforts to change the bail conditions in order to allow the Client to return to the family home and to resume contact with one’s partner, as soon as possible

Vayeghan Litigation

Vayeghan Litigation prides itself on operating on three key principles: integrity, professionalism and transparency. The Firm’s founder, Mo Vayeghan, is a former B.C. Crown Prosecutor turned criminal defence lawyer. Mr. Vayeghan is a nationally recognized lawyer, whose knowledge and experience has been sought by major Canadian news outlets such as CBC News: The National, CBC News: Live with Carole MacNeil, The Vancouver Sun, The National Post, and The Star.

As a criminal defence lawyer, Mr. Vayeghan regularly defends a wide range of people who find themselves charged with Canadian criminal law offences. He has defended cases across all types of charges from international drug trafficking, trafficking and possession of drugs to firearms, fraud, and various violent and sexual offences.

Mr. Vayeghan obtained his first law degree from the University of Calgary Faculty of Law where he was the recipient of several awards for high academic achievement. He went on to earn a Master of Law degree from Columbia Law School in New York City, widely regarded as one of the leading law schools in the world. Mr. Vayeghan is a member in good standing of the Law Society of British Columbia, the Criminal Defence Advocacy Society, and the American Bar Association.

Vayeghan Litigation has a track record of defending assault and uttering threats charges for individuals in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. As a former Crown Prosecutor, Mo Vayeghan has a first-hand understanding of how the Crown may proceed in terms of bail, charges, and proceedings. This unique insight translates into an effective defence service with a high success rate.

Our Services:

  • International Drug Trafficking;
  • Drug Possession;
  • Firearm Possession;
  • Possession for Purpose of Trafficking;
  • Criminal Conspiracy;
  • Assault;
  • Uttering Threats;
  • Armed Robbery;