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Gindin Segal Law is a premiere Criminal and Immigration law firm in the heart of downtown Winnipeg. We are a diverse team of creative, relentless lawyers with generations of combined experience and a trusted track record. We offer top tier criminal defence no matter the offence – you are presumed innocent and we will protect your rights.

Our approachable full-service immigration lawyers offer the guidance and experience you need while navigating the immigration system in Canada. If you are seeking legal status, or supporting a family immigration matter, we are here and ready to help.

Gindin Segal Law is a premiere Criminal Defence and Full Service Immigration Law firm. Using a client-focused approach, the lawyers come from real-life backgrounds, enriching their legal abilities while sharing a desire to get the best possible result for every client. Their awards and reviews come from verified sources – earned on results, not invoices. The vision of Gindin Segal Law is to deliver top-tier Criminal Defence and Full Service Immigration Law and to ensure clients are represented through practiced excellence and courtroom experience. Freedom is too important to compromise when choosing counsel.

Nalini Reddy was self-made and a fierce advocate. Nalini was highly sought after as Gindin Segal Law’s first choice for full service Immigration Law. Nalini has defined herself as an experienced immigration lawyer after many years with the Department of Justice and then as private immigration counsel. Immigration and Criminal law constantly intersect and far too often immigration issues came as an afterthought to the Criminal process.

Winnipeg DUI Lawyer

DUI law is highly technical, counter-intuitive and can change very quickly. This is both a good and bad thing. The good news (for someone who is charged with a DUI) is that, because the law is so technical, even if you blow over the legal limit, you may still be able to avoid a criminal conviction, avoid jail, and keep your driver’s license. The bad news is that, because it is so technical, most people won’t be able to tell whether or not they have a workable defence.

Alan Pearse is an Impaired Driving Lawyer serving Winnipeg and area. He is the author of the Guide to Breathalyzer Certificates in Canada, published by Canada Law Book. He also publishes the Alan Pearse Impaired Driving Newsletter, which offers technical analysis on impaired driving and related topics.

DWI law in Winnipeg is highly technical, usually involving constitutional challenges under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you have been convicted of a DWI previously, it is very likely that the crown will be seeking incarceration.

As such, “winning” usually means either an acquittal at trial, or negotiating a “deal” that the client finds acceptable. For example, if the crown is initially seeking a period of custody, but the client eventually pleads out but does not go to jail, this would usually be considered “winning.”

If either of these things occur without a trial, then that would also be “winning.” For example, if the crown agrees to withdraw all the charges, or to stay the charges, then that would been seen as a successful DWI trial. The same would be said if the crown originally was seeking jail, but Mr. Pearse convinced them to seek a non-custodial sentence.


Mark Wasyliw

Mark Wasyliw and his partners at Bueti, Wasyliw & Associates are helping to reestablish the rights and freedoms of people in Canada. The government holds great power over citizens, especially with regard what is defined as ‘criminal’ behaviour. Mark understands how relevant this is to your life, especially when you have been charged with a criminal offence: he cares about his clients, and is fighting to redefine what is right for Canadians. Mark runs a client-based practice, where he will advocate on your behalf based on what is right for you. He will help you to navigate the complex and confusing court system, providing you with options, and making your decisions happen.

As an award winning student just out of law school, Mark knew that he wanted to specialize in criminal law. Eleven years later, his expertise is evident: Mark has conducted countless successful cases, and is a fearless opponent in the courtroom. Mark is on the cutting edge of criminal defence. He will not insist that you take a guilty plea. Instead, Mark often uses creative, innovative arguments to win cases where other lawyers would say there was no hope.

Mark comes to you with a wide range of experience. He has knowledge of all areas of criminal law, holding a law degree from the University of Ottawa, as well as a Masters of Criminal Law from York University. He is an astute, well-educated man. Mark runs a full-service boutique criminal firm, serving clients from Manitoba, North Western Ontario, and Saskatchewan, including rural areas. His philosophy is inclusivity, and he tries to help everyone who walks through his door, from CEOs to the poor, at all levels of court.

Joshua Rogala

Joshua Rogala is a Criminal Defence Lawyer in Winnipeg, Manitoba. He practices exclusively in the area of criminal and regulatory law. Like other specialized professions, the law is complex, with many different areas of practice. By practicing only in criminal justice, Joshua is able to provide his clients with the most up-to-date advice and serve them in the most cost effective manner. Joshua does not draft wills, nor does he do real estate transactions, but if you need a knowledgeable and powerful advocate in the courtroom he is prepared to defend your case, uphold your rights, and find you justice.

Joshua is experienced in criminal law and procedure. He works closely with his clients and provides guidance through every step of the legal process. Joshua believes it is important for you to understand how the law works, so you can make informed decisions. You need to know your rights and the law in order to protect yourself against criminal prosecution. Joshua has successfully argued trials and motions before every level of court in Manitoba.

Joshua Rogala is a Partner at Rees Dyck Rogala Law Offices which is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, just a short walk from the Winnipeg Law Court. Most days you will find Joshua hard at work at his office reviewing files, conducting legal research, or meeting with clients. As a criminal defence lawyer, Joshua also is frequently at court. Most of his cases are in Winnipeg, however – Joshua accepts cases throughout the province of Manitoba such as Beausejour, Portage La Prairie, Lac Du Bonnet, Niverville, Steinbach, Brandon, and Selkirk.

Eric Wach, Lawyer

Eric has acted as counsel on a wide range of criminal matters that have appeared before the Provincial Court, the Court of Queen’s Bench, and the Court of Appeal. He has successfully defended cases in Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Eric is proud to have represented a clientele with diverse backgrounds: professionals, business-owners, alleged ‘drug kingpins’, alleged gang leaders, police officers, and the economically disadvantaged.

Eric’s practice includes defending a breadth of criminal and quasi-criminal matters including drug trafficking offences, impaired driving offences, crimes of violence, fraudulent activity, property crimes, and regulatory offences. Eric has ​been a guest-lecturer on the law of ‘search and seizure’ at ​the University of Manitoba’s Robson Hall Law School.

The stakes are very high for individuals charged with drug offences. The illicit drug economy pervades nearly every aspect of our society. As such, individuals can find themselves facing drug charges by merely being a passenger in a vehicle or a brief visitor at a residence. It is important to know that you are protected by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. The police may have violated your rights during their investigation. A Charter-based defence can result in an acquittal for you. ​

Being charged with an impaired driving offence can cause a significant amount of stress in your life. A conviction means the loss of the ability to drive and a criminal record. This can have a significant impact on your employment, personal life, and family. One of the first questions you need answered is whether or not to invest your money into fighting the allegation at trial.

Daniel A Wolson

The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act makes it a criminal offence to possess, sell, grow, manufacture, or import illegal drugs. A drug related conviction will result in a criminal record which may deny you employment opportunities, and prohibit you from entering the United States.

When the police investigate and arrest someone for a drug related offence, they must do so in accordance with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Those rights include your right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure, your right to speak with a lawyer without delay upon arrest, and your right to not be randomly arrested or discriminated against.

Allegations of sexual assault are often “he said/she said” situations, where the facts are in dispute and the Accused outright denies the allegations made against them. A common defence to this offence is that of Consent, i.e. that the sex was a consensual act between two willing parties. The presence of alcohol or drugs, the timing of the complaint, the nature of the relationship between the parties, as well as any potential witnesses to the act itself or surrounding circumstances, may become critical factors at a trial.

Domestic violence can uproot a relationship and family and result in crushing court orders that prevent family members from communicating or residing together for months, sometimes years. This creates an incredibly difficult and stressful environment for all parties involved. The effect of these charges is that you or your loved one may be forced to live alone, and at their own expense. In many circumstances, Mr. Wolson is able to modify court ordered conditions to prevent this from happening.

Our Services:

  • Impaired Driving
  • Drug Offences
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fraud
  • Driving Related Offences
  • Firearm Offences
  • Theft & Robbery
  • Youth Offences

Pinx & Co

The right to legal representation is a hallmark of the Canadian judicial system. If you’ve been accused of a crime, you have the right to a fair hearing or trial, and the right to have a competent and professional attorney on your side. At Pinx & Co., these rights are fundamental to everything that we do. We are a law firm that focuses in criminal defence representation.

Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Pinx & Co. is proud of the reputation we’ve built as Criminal Defense Lawyers, defending an array of various criminal cases. Founded in 2000, we have served hundreds of clients and advised them throughout their legal challenges. When someone is accused of a crime, they often feel as though their whole life has been turned upside down. Trying to navigate the intricacies of the Canadian criminal justice system is not something that you should undertake alone. Let Pinx & Co. help you to establish a sound and effective legal defence.

If you are convicted of a crime in Manitoba, there are two ways that you can try to appeal the ruling. The first type of appeal is asking the court to overturn your found guilty in a court of law. The second type of appeal is when you ask the court to reconsider your sentencing.

There are serious repercussions that can come from being charged with various forms of assault in the Manitoba area. Depending on what types of charges you may be facing, the penalties, fines, and in some cases jail time that can accompany an assault conviction can be very damaging.

Our Services:

  • Appeals
  • Assault
  • Bail Hearing & Bail Review
  • Driving Offenses
  • Drug Offenses
  • Drunk Driving
  • Legal Aid
  • Protection & No-Contact Orders
  • Robbery / Arson / Firearms
  • Theft / Fraud
  • Weapons Charges
  • Youth Charges

Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. Criminal Lawyer

Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. has dedicated his life to the exclusive practice of criminal defence and criminal law. He is a founding partner and practicing lawyer at one of the largest criminal law firms in Manitoba, which was established in 1995.

Mr. Gindin utilizes his expertise, knowledge, and wisdom of criminal law with a savvy approach to help provide compassionate legal representation for each and every one of his clients. He understands the stresses his clients may feel when accused of a criminal offence.

Mr. Gindin has made major contributions to the practice, study, and evolution of the criminal justice system and criminal laws. Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. routinely travels to all courts in Manitoba, as well as Ontario and Saskatchewan. He has appeared in all levels of Courts, including the Supreme Court of Canada.

Jeffrey J. Gindin, Q.C. has been practicing law as a criminal defence lawyer since 1971. He is highly regarded as one of the leading criminal defence lawyers in Manitoba and has handled cases throughout Canada.

There are several potential defences to drug offences. These will vary based upon the circumstances of your case. For instance, in certain situations, law enforcement officers may violate your legal rights, like conducting an illegal search and seizure. When there is a rights violation committed, it is possible to have the charges dismissed, as any evidence seized may be excluded from being presented in Court.

Our Services:

  • Drug Charges
  • Impaired Driving
  • Sexual Assault
  • Domestic Assault
  • Crimes of Violence
  • Bail Hearings
  • Homicide Murder
  • Morality Offences
  • Offense Against the Administration of Justice
  • Weapons Offences
  • White Collar and Property Offences

Saheel Zaman Law Corporation

If you have been charged with a criminal offence, the court process can be daunting and frightful. Saheel Zaman Law Corporation is here to ensure that your rights are fully protected and that you have a strong legal ally in your corner to navigate the judicial process. Our team of experienced lawyers in Winnipeg offer you the assistance.

Saheel Zaman Law Corporation was founded in 1991 by Saheel Zaman. Thirty years later, our law firm is still providing exceptional legal experience in the criminal law field. Over the years, the Firm has grown into one of the busiest criminal defence firms in Manitoba. The Firm prides itself as an advocate of all persons who may be or are charged with criminal offences that require strong legal advocacy.

Robbery, theft and property offences of all types are serious crimes and require an experienced robbery lawyer in Winnipeg to ensure your rights are protected. Saheel Zaman Law Corporation will explain the charges you are facing and provide the legal representation you deserve. We believe that everyone has a right for strong legal protection and we are here to serve you during your time of need.

As an experienced drug lawyer in Winnipeg, Saheel Zaman Law Corporation is well versed in all aspects of Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act (CDSA). It’s important to know that convictions under this act may result in a permanent criminal record, jail sentence, fine, probation and other restrictions. There are many complexities within the law, which is why it’s essential to seek an experienced drug possession lawyer in Winnipeg like the ones at our firm.

Our Services:


Matthew Gould | Criminal Lawyer

In addition to charges under the Criminal Code of Canada, there are other driving related charges that can arise under the Highway Traffic Act. These types of charges can result in a driving prohibition, fines and can include jail time. The most common driving related offences normally involve larger, criminal behaviour (such as an impaired or drug related offences). However other instances where you would seek the advice of a DUI lawyer in Winnipeg would be for driving while disqualified or in a situation where you are facing a lengthy driving prohibition.

There are different, more severe penalties. There are different procedures in place, including policies that prevent the alleged victim from dropping the case. These allegations can be susceptible to misunderstandings, and even false or exaggerated claims that can have a drastic impact of families and relationships.

The risks can be very high with respect to proceedings under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, and you need to protect yourself with representation by a criminal lawyer who knows the law and how to apply it. Successful representation on drug charges often relies on the effective use of Charter challenges and applications brought before the court. I have the experience and skill to get you effective results.

Our Services: