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The 10 Best Real Estate Lawyers In Montreal

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Kugler Kandestin

Kugler Kandestin is a premier boutique law firm located in Montréal, Québec. For over 90 years, we have built our reputation on a standard of excellence, unparalleled service, and delivering results. Through a select group of leading attorneys, we are committed to exceeding clients’ expectations and producing creative, cost-effective solutions.

As leaders in our areas of expertise, we regularly go toe to toe with Canada’s largest firms, consistently obtaining precedent-setting judgments and settlements in our practice areas. We have extensive experience in commercial leasing matters. We have represented owners, builders, contactors, developers, financial institutions, lessors and lessees in a broad range of commercial real estate and construction-related disputes.

Our practice extends to all forms of litigation arising from disputes centered on commercial leases, agreements with agents and brokers, the failure to comply with promises to purchase or to close transactions, latent or construction defects, and litigation with respect to the registration, enforcement and discharging of real rights (hypothecs) against property, including construction hypothecs.

We represent real estate developers, finance businesses and owners with a substantial portfolio of real estate holdings. We assist clients in leasing matters, real estate financings and acquisitions and sales. Our experience extends to counselling clients on various aspects of commercial real estate development, including partnerships and joint ventures in real estate transactions.

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency & Restructuring
  • Bodily and Personal Injury / Medical Malpractice
  • Class Actions
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Commercial Transactions
  • Insurance & Professional Liability

Schwalb Legal

Whether you are a foreign national making an application for a temporary employment, student visa, a permanent resident visa, a business or individual who wishes to purchase a commercial or residential property, a person going through a divorce, we will always apply the best possible strategy in order to achieve the most suitable results. If you are a corporation or an indivdual person who wishes to invest in real estate our professional team is very knowledgeable in this area and can assist you, and guide you through every facet in order to obtain your objective.

Are you experiencing marital problems? Schwalb can protect your spousal rights. Whether you are getting married for the first time or entering your first or a subsequent marriage. We have experience in drafting separation and divorce agreements, as well as vast experience in negotiating divorce settlements including pension entitlements, property settlements, the evaluation and partition of the family patrimony, child custody, visiting rights and support payments.

Are you interested in setting up or purchasing a corporation? You should be informed that this is not simple or straightforward to do these things alone. Our offices can provide invaluable professional services so that you can be confident that things will be taken care of professionally and you do not have to worry.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Family
  • Administrative
  • Immigration
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Commercial & Corporate
  • Research & Development

Legal Logik

At Legal Logik we help the victims of personal injury seek just compensation effectively and affordably. If you’ve experienced any of the above, or a similar incident, Legal Logik’s personal injury attorneys can help defend your rights and will work with you to seek fair compensation for the harm and damages suffered. A bodily and personal injury claim can cover any of the following types of accidents and/or injuries which may have been caused by the fault or negligence of someone else, whether an individual, a private or public company or a government body or organization.

When purchasing or using products or services, visiting commercial or residential locations, or interacting with others in various circumstances, we all expect to remain safe and secure. Unfortunately, accidents and injuries do occur. If you have been the victim of physical or psychological harm due to the actions or negligence of another, whether an individual or organization, you may be prevented from enjoying a normal life, unable to work to earn a living, or even have expenses for ongoing rehabilitation and medical care. In these cases, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Services:

  • Litigation
  • Cease & Desist
  • Estate Disputes
  • Family Law
  • Fines, Penalties & Tickets
  • Hidden Defects
  • Immigration Assistance
  • Labour & Employment
  • Personal Injury
  • Small Claims Court

KRB Lawyers

KRB is a full-service business law firm with experts in all areas of business law. From start to finish, KRB is a one-stop shop assisting individuals and businesses navigate the corporate world. We have built our reputation in the mid-market sector and our clients benefit from our lawyers’ broad exposure to multiple facts of a transactional practice. Known for our ability to quickly and efficiently identify material issues on files, our clients benefit from a compelling value proposition – a firm that delivers results with visibility on the process.

KRB was founded on a simple premise: make top-tier legal services available to the mid-market. In this vein, the leadership team of each practice group is comprised of lawyers whose practices have evolved from the national and international firm narrative. Originating from diverse backgrounds, KRB attorneys are attuned to simple realities: deliver results, manage expectations and, again, deliver results.

KRB Lawyers is a full-service business law firm specializing in all areas of business law, including M&A, Real Estate, Banking and Finance, Litigation, Insolvency and Restructuring, Environmental, and Private Equity, and has the expertise and experience required to successfully execute complex local and cross-border Canadian, U.S. and European transactions.

KRB’s fully-bilingual, multidisciplinary practitioners, many of whom are Partners and senior attorneys trained at top-tier national and international law firms, operate not only as attorneys but as active deal advisors, enabling the firm to service clients, ranging from growth-stage and emerging companies to multinationals, institutions, financial sponsors, growth funds, REITs and “Big Five” Canadian chartered banks, by delivering curated business and legal counsel in line with client growth objectives.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Real Estate
  • Secured Lending
  • Insolvency and Restructuring
  • Corporate & Commercial
  • Litigation
  • Environmental

Spiegel Sohmer Inc.

Our team will advise you on the transactional level, holding structure, financing, leasing and mortgage guarantee or on the “bricks” and “mortar” of the real estate world. We will be there with our construction helmets giving you access to our cutting-edge expertise. Inspired and driven by our customers’ continual innovation, we deliver ingenious solutions to help them maximize the business value of their business.

Our intellectual property team understands the business issues specific to each and has the necessary expertise to support them, whether in patent, trademark and copyright law, as well as in litigation. of intellectual property, both before the Superior Court and the Federal Court. We find cost-effective and innovative intellectual property and protection solutions in Canada and elsewhere, where appropriate.

Our business lawyers understand the needs of entrepreneurs and executives in all industries. They develop practical solutions focused on your success. We handle the legal formalities while you focus on your business. Whatever your age and situation, our estate planning experts protect your interests.

We work to minimize taxes, maximize your estate and preserve the assets you have accumulated. Renowned across the country for its know-how and ingenuity, our team works every day to exceed your expectations. Our tax architects skilfully maneuver through constant changes in the law to create planning opportunities and reduce your tax burden.

Our Practices:

  • Fiscal law
  • Business Law
  • Dispute Succession
  • Real Estate Law
  • Intellectual Property

Allen Madelin Avocats – Lawyers

Allen Madelin is a boutique law firm located on Saint-Laurent boulevard in Montreal. At Allen Madelin, we understand that the Quebec justice system is complex and difficult to access. That is why our team has made it its mission to create an accessible office where clients can come in person to make an appointment and consult a lawyer. Our experienced lawyers offer quality legal advice and practical, results-oriented solutions.

We are a team of dedicated Montreal lawyers and paralegals. From the first telephone call, one of our paralegals will gather the necessary information to evaluate your needs and our ability to help you. Without any obligation on your part or ours, she will obtain information to open your file, the names and coordinates of other parties to the action or transaction, and a brief chronology of the facts.

Our vast expertise in real estate law allows us to represent and advise various clients. Whether you are a business owner, the owner of a residential or commercial building, a tenant or an investor, our lawyers will be glad to assist you in your real estate transactions. You can also be helped with cases regarding hidden defects, repossession of an apartment, evictions, title defects, land servitude, rights of way, Real Estate Litigation, etc.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Hidden Defects
  • Commercial Lease
  • Real Estate Transactions Montreal
  • Real Estate Litigation Lawyers

Popovici Chouliareas Legal Inc.

We never do all the talking. Your needs come first. We listen to your concerns and always take the time to fully understand your needs. Getting a hold of your lawyer shouldn’t be an impossible task. Our clients know we are always available, whether through phone, email or in person. No two clients are alike, which is why we always take the time to get to know you and your specific case.

Our personalized approach means that you can count on our assistance, from beginning to end. Every legal situation is unique, and its uniqueness is why you should trust an expert. Don’t waste time and money on independent searches or inexperienced advisors. Whether you need assistance with divorce, legal separation, child custody, child support, relocation or alimony, our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way.

Stephanie Chouliareas is the co-founder of the firm and heads its Family Law division. As one of the leaders in her industry she is known for fiercly defending her clients’ rights while maintaining a compassionate and human approach to family law. Whether you are a start-up or an established company, we believe in creating long-lasting partnerships, built on knowledge, accessibility and trust. We provide strategic services to positively affect the client-attorney experience.

Our Services:

  • Business Law
  • Family Law
  • Real Estate Law
  • Contracts Law

De Grandpré Jolicoeur

De Grandpré Jolicoeur is quite simply the largest real estate law and notary firm in Montreal. We provide you with the expertise, guidance and advice you need on a daily basis in real estate and co-ownership law. As your legal advisors, we provide you with plain language information about the laws and regulations that apply to your situation. We also advise you on the best course of action when undertaking a project or resolving a problem.

De Grandpré Jolicoeur lawyers are loyal, honest, transparent and impartial. We are proud to represent and defend you in court. We also counsel you on private dispute prevention and resolution. A full range of legal services dedicated to real estate developers, syndicates of co-owners, managers and co-owners.

Our lawyers and notaries are experts in real estate law. Moreover, our firm offers all services related to co-ownership that you need on a daily basis, whatever the issues, challenges or situations you face. We serve the Greater Montreal area and the entire province of Quebec. Our real estate lawyers and notaries are well established in the legal community of the city of Montreal and the province of Quebec.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for excellence, working with financial institutions, real estate developers, commercial landlords and tenants and property managers, whether in real estate financing, exercising hypothecary recourses, negotiating commercial leases or any other transaction.

Our Expertise:

  • Condominium Law
  • Real estate financing
  • Notary Law
  • Banking Litigation, Hypothecary Recourse, Bankruptcy and Insolvency
  • Real estate law
  • Civil and Commercial Litigation
  • Corporate law
  • Mediation and arbitration
  • Labour law
  • Construction law
  • Commercial leases

David Ghavitian Avocat Inc.

We strive to protect your investment and resolve every legal challenge a real estate executive could face and in a cost-effective manner. Our objective is to spare you the frustration, time, and expense of drawn-out legal disputes so you can focus on optimizing your real estate investment. Minimize your risk and have peace of mind with the guidance and legal advice of our experienced commercial leasing legal team.

We are well versed in drawing out and negotiating the often-complex nuances that go into a commercial lease agreement. If you or your business is facing a complex commercial litigation related to real estate, we can assist you in asserting your rights. We protect your profits and cashflow on a capped fee structure. Real Estate Transactions can be lucrative investments.

At our offices, we strive on reducing those associated risks by evaluating the corporate structure to be implemented, preparing offers to purchase, and making sure that you are well protected during the due diligence period. We also prepare deeds of sale and provide our opinions for any and all financing documents. Considering how important these aspects are for you, we make great efforts in providing timely and swift assistance while being as thorough as possible.

At our offices, our mantra is to seek a “win-win” approach as much as possible by effectively seeking out the interests of all parties before entering into such an important commitment. With this strategy, it is the best way of reducing any risks between yourselves during the lease term. The complexity of a real estate agreement can give rise to a litany of challenges for all parties involved.

Goldwater, Dubé

We have persuaded judges to award some of the highest child support awards ever granted, render precedent-setting decisions in matters as diverse as international kidnapping, animal welfare rights and the interpretation of religious marriage contracts, as well as help establish the legal recognition of common-law spouses and the right of same-sex couples to marry. The best advocacy shoots from the heart before it gets to the mind.

Mastering this link is the stuff great lawyers are made of. This is why we seek out and encourage lawyers who cultivate their passions, train mind to follow heart and put the whole to the service of those in need. Trust and empathy are the pillars of every solid attorney-client relationship. Regularly maintaining them ensures the best representation.

This is why we strive to build a full, frank and honest professional relationship with each client and represent them like we would a close friend. Passion and compassion are nothing without a firm intention to arrive at a desired outcome. At every stage, advocacy is an adversarial process, a clash of different interests. This is why we drill ourselves to be perpetually poised for war when it is necessary and yet primed for peace when it is possible.

Our Services:

  • Administrative
  • Animal Law
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Estates, Wills & Successions
  • Family
  • Youth Protection