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Reynald Poulin

A litigator, Me Poulin practices primarily in the areas of business law, real estate law, construction law and professional law. He also has solid experience in real estate and personal property security, bankruptcy and insolvency law, and shareholder litigation. Poulin intervenes in the context of the presentation of extraordinary remedies including injunctions and declaratory judgments.

He has been called upon to make representations before common law courts and specialized courts in the areas of his expertise. Similarly, Me Poulin is regularly invited as a speaker by various organizations and groups in his fields of expertise. Accredited in international and commercial arbitration, as well as in conciliation and mediation in the field of franchising.

Accredited as an arbitrator in the context of disputes arising from the guarantee plan for new residential buildings. As a member of the Board of Directors of the Barreau, local section of Québec, he actively participated in the committees of the Superior Court of Québec and the Court of Appeal of Québec, local section of Québec.

Practice Areas:

  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Construction law
  • Bankruptcy, insolvency and restructuring
  • Sureties
  • Construction bonds Insurance law, civil and professional liability
  • Mediation and arbitration

Cote Carrier Avocats

Côté Carrier Avocats brings together lawyers working in multiple areas of law. With a wide range of practice areas, Côté Carrier Avocats is able to offer its clients a full range of professional services at competitive prices. For the lawyers of Côté Carrier Avocats, the relationship of trust with the client is a priority, thus allowing the development of a lasting relationship. Our conciliatory approach and our varied rates allow us to adapt to our customers and offer them flexibility in invoicing.

We mainly offer our services and advice to individuals, professionals and businesses in the greater Quebec City and Lévis region (North Shore and South Shore). Our online consultation service at the price of $50.00 + taxes is accessible no matter where you are. We offer a lawyer consultation service, online or in person, at low cost. This legal consultation service does not require the opening of a file, which allows you to save on administrative costs.

Our Services:

  • Commercial, Corporate and Business law
    Drafting of contracts of a commercial nature, leases, confidentiality agreement, partnership contract, movable hypothec, loan or sale contract.
  • Insurance law
    Analysis of insurance contracts, contesting decisions, negotiation of settlements and litigation before the courts.
  • Citizenship and Immigration law
    Application for sponsorship, permanent residence, temporary permit (study, work, visitor).
  • Family, Personal and Adoption law
  • Labor law
  • Civil law, Real Estate and Hidden Defects
  • Criminal law

Beauvais Truchon Avocats

BEAUVAIS TRUCHON remains one of the few law firms originating in and based out of Quebec City. Despite our sustained growth, we have preserved a business model based on human dimensions, both in the format of our firm as well as in our professional approach. This is why we adapt to you… and not the other way around. With us, you benefit from both the reputation and experience of a major law firm, within an accessible framework and a simplified service structure.

Your legal issues have been our daily business for more than fifty years. However, each case is unique, which is why we develop strategies according to your objectives and your reality. We believe that the optimal solution is measured in terms of the appropriateness of the intervention and not by the importance of the measures undertaken, thereby ensuring that you get quality service and results at the best price. Law is our profession.

Your strategy is the result of professional actions undertaken in a sound and ethical manner. Rigor and integrity are a fundamental part of our values and are the foundation of our relationship with you. In this respect, our reputation speaks for itself. Law is also our passion. Our most important goal is your satisfaction in every aspect of our work. Availability, flexibility and ingenuity are qualities which we require from all of our lawyers as well as from each member of our paralegal team.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • Labour Law and Occupational Health and Safety
  • Business Law
  • Health and Social Services Law
  • Public and Administrative Law
  • Construction Law
  • Aviation Law and Maritime Law
  • Insurance Law, Civil and Professional Liability
  • Bankruptcy, Insolvency, and Restructuring
  • Mediation and Arbitration

Tremblay Bois Mignault Lemay

The Quebec professional has ethical obligations towards the public and his peers. Our firm rigorously advises and represents professionals and professional orders before disciplinary bodies and civil courts. He also accompanies individuals in the complaint process. Do the rules applicable to municipalities, which are constantly changing, lead you to question all your actions?

Our lawyers maintain close collaboration with the various associations in the municipal world, both for the provision of training and for the drafting of specialized articles, model regulations and policies. Thus, for more than 25 years, our firm has worked in particular with the Association of Municipal Directors of Quebec (ADMQ) on the drafting of Mini-Scribe , a monthly publication distributed to all of its members.

Our firm stands out as a Quebec reference in administrative and public law, particularly in calls for tenders, judicial review and governance of state-owned companies. Our service is also distinguished by its personalized and human nature towards each of our customers. Our concern to know your reality and understand your specific needs.

In recent years, legislative changes have increased the complexity of municipal law, increasing the challenge of keeping one’s knowledge up to date. The constant exchanges and collaboration between our experienced lawyers and paralegals give our team undeniable added value in the face of this growing demand.

Goldwater, Dubé

We have persuaded judges to award some of the highest child support awards ever granted, render precedent-setting decisions in matters as diverse as international kidnapping, animal welfare rights and the interpretation of religious marriage contracts, as well as help establish the legal recognition of common-law spouses and the right of same-sex couples to marry. The best advocacy shoots from the heart before it gets to the mind.

Mastering this link is the stuff great lawyers are made of. This is why we seek out and encourage lawyers who cultivate their passions, train mind to follow heart and put the whole to the service of those in need. Trust and empathy are the pillars of every solid attorney-client relationship. Regularly maintaining them ensures the best representation.

This is why we strive to build a full, frank and honest professional relationship with each client and represent them like we would a close friend. Passion and compassion are nothing without a firm intention to arrive at a desired outcome. At every stage, advocacy is an adversarial process, a clash of different interests. This is why we drill ourselves to be perpetually poised for war when it is necessary and yet primed for peace when it is possible.

Our Services:

  • Administrative
  • Animal Law
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Estates, Wills & Successions
  • Family
  • Youth Protection

Sarailis Avocat

Our law firm’s services are mainly aimed at businessmen, companies and corporations. We focus on a long-term partnership with our clients : our philosophy is to maintain, to accompany and to stimulate the growth and development of their businesses & projects. Our continuous attention is focused on the true needs of the businessmen and company managers as well as on their growing needs within the global markets.

Whether our clients require our services for their transactions, the protection of their assets, tangibles or intangibles, or an intervention in order to obtain recognition and respect of their rights, our team of qualified lawyers will be able to intervene promptly, efficiently and professionally. Moreover, our law firm is the Canadian member of the law group Avrio Advocati, a group of law firms located throughout the world and working to develop business law and commercial transactions.

Thanks to these privileged relations and strategic international alliance, our team is able to support our clients in their booming business activities on the national and international levels. The law firm Sarailis Avocats offers a sound expertise in business law, intellectual property right and commercial litigation both on the national and international levels.

The legalization of cannabis in Canada has created huges opportunities for Quebec and Canadian entrepreneurs by quickly creating an industry from scratch. Our firm has established itself as a leader in this field by supporting the players in this new industry with a sound expertise in terms of compliance and obtaining production and sales licenses as well as in the various legal aspects. industry: corporate structuring, financing, acquisition, trademarks, patents and plant varieties, dynamics between shareholders (agreement), contractual process, etc.

Jean François Bertrand Avocats

Our team is made up of experienced professionals recognized for their rigorous and conscientious professional services. The trust of our customers is important to us. To this end, we make it a point to discuss openly with our customers and to give them the truth. The combined contribution of each member of the team allows us to develop bold solutions adapted to all types of problems, simple or complex.

We do not shy away from cases where the balance of power between the client and the opposing party is unequal and make every effort to restore the balance essential to the smooth progress of the case. The firm having strongly asserted itself as a reference in litigation over time, we do not hesitate to join forces with other expert professionals, all in order to complete the support we offer to our clients if necessary. , whether on the legal, strategic, media or political level.

Our professional services are accessible to everyone. We adapt our approach to your situation. We are dedicated to your cause and work tenaciously to identify the most effective avenues available to you. Our human approach is based on authenticity and respect. With empathy, we are able to understand your reality.

Our Services:

  • Civil and commercial litigation
  • Criminal and penal law
  • Indigenous law
  • Services offered to businesses
  • Administrative law
  • Class actions

Stein Monast

With a tradition of over 60 years in business, Stein Monast guarantees its clients a business legal service in its image of integrity, innovation and excellence. With an extensive business and legal network on the local, national and international scene, our experienced team consisting of over 60 lawyers and notaries is tailored to your business realities to help you identify a complete, personalized solution to your situation and concerns.

Following in the steps of such reputable partners as Louis St-Laurent, Jean Lesage and Paule Gauthier, our lawyers promote the transmission of outstanding knowledge and values. As business advisors, our accessible, coordinated and human approach puts us at the core of the solution as a true partner of your ambitions.

Stein Monast offers a comprehensive range of personalized services to support its clients using an entrepreneurial, commercial, personal and social approach. The professional and civil liability team is familiar with the reality of the insurance industry and the various personal, property and casualty insurance products on the market.

For the past several years, it has been advising an insurance fund clientele for several associations of insurers, financial institutions and other professionals in disputes requiring the application of judiciary remedies or the development of a preventive strategy to avoid litigation. We also work in complex disputes involving several parties and expert witnesses and set up multidisciplinary teams tailored to the needs of the cases as required. We are also regularly involved in class action suits.

Doyon Avocats

Our law firm provides criminal and penal law services in Quebec City and Montreal. Our team is comprised of diligent litigators who will defend you unwaveringly. Doyon Avocats specializes in criminal law and is characterized by its competent and human-oriented team of lawyers. We defend people who were accused of a criminal offence as well as victims of crimes. Our lawyers dedicate their time to complex cases and are devoted to help-ing clients who face critical situations. Our services are regularly retained by people who are accused of diverse types of criminal offences.

Our reputation, which we earned through our successes, demonstrates our high degree of professionalism. Our lawyers are experts in cases related to drugs and narcotics. We defend your rights and reach the best possible outcome. People often use drugs; however, certain people may have to face the justice system for it. Is it your case? If it is, we can help you.

After being arrested for impaired driving or care and control and refusal to comply, it is important to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible, as these charges come with various negative consequences from the very moment of the arrest. Number of defences can be used when facing such charges. In certain cases, when people are found guilty of a traffic conviction, they are subject, by multiple means, to see their right to drive a motor vehicle revoked.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Immigration
  • Sexual assault charges
  • Discharge
  • Tickets
  • Domestic violence
  • Impaired driving
  • Legal aid
  • Drugs and narcotics
  • Appeal proceedings
  • Victims of sexual assault

Beaudry Roussin Avocats

Founded by experienced lawyers, Beaudry Roussin lawyers is a firm working in criminal and penal law. Combining dynamism and expertise in perfect balance, we are available to meet the needs of our customers in a conscientious and efficient manner. For us, trust is the basis of the lawyer-client relationship. Knowing that access to justice is expensive, we want our clients to be able to be represented as they deserve.

It is for this reason that the fees can be adapted to the particular situation of each client and each case and that packages are preferred in many circumstances. Because of our expertise, we will be able to use methods that contrast with those of traditional firms and will approach the difficulties in a different way. With our creative and innovative approach, we will mainly represent you in criminal and penal law, and in youth protection law.

Our vision: not only to meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them! With his 39 years of experience in criminal, penal and disciplinary law, his knowledge in these areas, through his involvement as a professor at the Quebec Bar school for more than 15 years, through having practiced as defense attorney, but also as a provincial and federal crown attorney, Me Beaudry is one of the most eminent criminal lawyers in Quebec.