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The 10 Best Family Lawyers In Quebec

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Lavery de Billy, L.L.P.

Lavery offers the services of a team of seasoned lawyers specializing in family, personal and estate law who are attentive to your needs and eager to find the appropriate solution, whatever your situation, in the greatest respect for your rights. You will benefit from our extensive expertise which, if necessary, can be combined with that of our legal advisers in tax law, company law, commercial litigation or real estate law. Lavery’s Litigation and Dispute Resolution group is made up of more than 50 lawyers in all of our offices.

These professionals combine their knowledge with decades of experience to handle your litigation cases, whether in insurance law, construction and suretyship, criminal and penal law, family law, taxation or class actions, to avoid name only those. We believe that preventing a dispute is as important as resolving it. This is why our commercial litigation lawyers are able to intervene appropriately at each stage of a dispute, whether legal proceedings are contemplated or not. By combining their network of professionals with their solid experience in advocacy, they are able to meet your highest expectations.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce, separation and marriage annulment procedure
  • Drafting of an agreement on the measures ancillary to a divorce or legal separation
  • Child custody and child support
  • Adoption
  • Spousal support
  • Representation of children in court
  • Request for confirmation of parental authority
  • Action in recognition of paternity

Schwalb Legal

Whether you are a foreign national making an application for a temporary employment, student visa, a permanent resident visa, a business or individual who wishes to purchase a commercial or residential property, a person going through a divorce, we will always apply the best possible strategy in order to achieve the most suitable results. If you are a corporation or an indivdual person who wishes to invest in real estate our professional team is very knowledgeable in this area and can assist you, and guide you through every facet in order to obtain your objective.

Are you experiencing marital problems? Schwalb can protect your spousal rights. Whether you are getting married for the first time or entering your first or a subsequent marriage. We have experience in drafting separation and divorce agreements, as well as vast experience in negotiating divorce settlements including pension entitlements, property settlements, the evaluation and partition of the family patrimony, child custody, visiting rights and support payments.

Are you interested in setting up or purchasing a corporation? You should be informed that this is not simple or straightforward to do these things alone. Our offices can provide invaluable professional services so that you can be confident that things will be taken care of professionally and you do not have to worry.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Family
  • Administrative
  • Immigration
  • Litigation
  • Real Estate & Construction
  • Commercial & Corporate
  • Research & Development

Goldwater, Dubé

We have persuaded judges to award some of the highest child support awards ever granted, render precedent-setting decisions in matters as diverse as international kidnapping, animal welfare rights and the interpretation of religious marriage contracts, as well as help establish the legal recognition of common-law spouses and the right of same-sex couples to marry. The best advocacy shoots from the heart before it gets to the mind.

Mastering this link is the stuff great lawyers are made of. This is why we seek out and encourage lawyers who cultivate their passions, train mind to follow heart and put the whole to the service of those in need. Trust and empathy are the pillars of every solid attorney-client relationship. Regularly maintaining them ensures the best representation.

This is why we strive to build a full, frank and honest professional relationship with each client and represent them like we would a close friend. Passion and compassion are nothing without a firm intention to arrive at a desired outcome. At every stage, advocacy is an adversarial process, a clash of different interests. This is why we drill ourselves to be perpetually poised for war when it is necessary and yet primed for peace when it is possible.

Our Services:

  • Administrative
  • Animal Law
  • Civil and Commercial
  • Criminal
  • Estates, Wills & Successions
  • Family
  • Youth Protection

Spunt & Carin – Divorce & Immigration Lawyers

We are a boutique law firm and represent clients throughout the Island of Montreal as well as across the province of Quebec. We are a full-service law firm, where we personally cater to your needs. Our clients are able to benefit from Me Spunt and Me Carin’s years of experience and passion for helping people, one file at a time. We tailor our services to help you best achieve your specific goals.

Our firm specializes in all family law matters, from divorce, custody, separation, child support, spousal support, youth protection, international family law, to successions, and more. Whether you are a mother, father, grandparent, son, daughter, or other, we will not only strive for what is best, but we will do so in the most efficient and cost-effective way.

Marriage is not always perfect. Once you decided that ending your marriage is the only viable option, you need to be prepared for what is ahead. This is where we come in. Our professional team of experienced divorce lawyers will provide you the legal advice necessary in order to make this challenging period as smooth as possible.

We also offer our services if you are experiencing difficulty with a commercial tenant, for example not paying their rent, or not respecting the terms of the lease. We can draft a mise en demeure/demand letter, instituting that they remedy the default, in order to help you rectify the situation. In the event that they do not act after receiving the letter, we would take the next steps and necessary proceedings.

Our Services:

  • Consultations
  • Marriage Contract
  • Common Law Couples
  • Divorce
  • Custody
  • Child Support
  • Legal Advice for Mediation
  • Civil Liability
  • Civil Litigation
  • Elder Law
  • International Family Law
  • Succession
  • Real Estate

Franklin & Franklin

Franklin & Franklin was founded in 1925 by M.H. Franklin, Q.C. and now, 100 years and 3 generations later, we are still considered the premier law firm in Montreal. Our clients always choose Franklin and Franklin because, for 10 decades, our reputation as tenacious legal professionals who work one-on-one with our clients to always achieve the most favourable results. We measure our success in two ways; through our longevity, and the satisfaction of our clients.

When a couple decides that their marriage is no longer working and choose to separate with the intention to divorce, it is almost always a difficult journey. Emotions are running high, there can be stress, tension, and even the smallest detail must be considered. It is a massive life-changing step, and we understand that as much as you want the process to be over as quickly as possible, so you can finally have closure, we have our job to do and that is to ensure that your divorce settlement is as favorable to you as possible.

If you, a loved one are currently in the process of immigrating or obtaining a work or student visa in the province of Quebec, then you should seek out and contact our professional immigration law specialists in Montreal at Franklin and Franklin. Our law firm has 100 years of experience, working alongside our clients and helping them with their new life here in Quebec, Canada.

The real estate market in Montreal is booming. It has become a gold rush to simply buy a home, and because of international investment, every aspect of real estate buying and selling, including residential, commercial or industrial property is becoming more convoluted and sophisticated. For example, there are more complex finance arrangements, and condominium purchase agreements, and they are all constantly evolving.

Dufourd Dion Avocats

We practice law in Montreal. Our services are available in all judicial districts of Quebec, mainly in the greater Montreal area. Me Christian Dufourd founded the firm in the Côte-des-Neiges neighborhood in Montreal in 1989. So we have a lot of experience and our office has an excellent reputation. Our legal services are professional and efficient. The fees are always reasonable and are explained to you clearly.

The satisfaction of our clients is the priority. We make sure we have a good understanding of your needs first and then we represent you in a professional and fair manner. Dufourd, Dion Lawyers is a law firm located in Montreal. We are here to listen to you, understand you and represent you. Satisfying your needs is the priority.

A divorce case can in some cases be one of the most important experiences of your life. It’s about taking the right steps to implement solutions that take into account your needs and your rights. When a situation of separation arises, the whole organization of a life must be rethought. And there, in some cases, you even have to rebuild yourself on a personal level.

We provide legal services in the following areas of legal practice:

  • Family Law, Divorce, Separation, Child custody and Parenting time, Alimony and Partition of Property
  • Civil Law, Hidden Defects and Real Estate, Civil Liability, Contracts
  • Criminal and penal law
  • Immigration Law, Sponsorship, Representation at the IRB
  • Corporate and Business Law

Pringle & Associés

Our firm’s practice focuses exclusively on family law. Our attorneys frequently appear as counsel in all levels of courts in Québec in complex family disputes, in which social and financial issues are at stake for our clients. Our team combines over sixty years of experience in the practice of family law. Our lawyers practice exclusively in family law and can advise you accurately regarding your legal situation.

PRINGLE & ASSOCIÉS offers efficient and knowledgeable legal services in family law and related areas of the law. Our firm aims to remain one of the best family law firms in the greater Montreal region, and to be a leading player in Québec. Carrying out the objectives of our clients by supporting them throughout the legal process in respect of their rights and interests.

Attempting to settle and negotiate at the earliest opportunity possible by Alternative Dispute Resolution. When necessary, representing our clients in front of the courts, with the highest standards of excellence in representation in family law.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce
  • Common-law Partners
  • Division of Property and Financial Analysis
  • Child Custody
  • Child and Spousal Support
  • Appeal before the Court of Appeal
  • Second opinion
  • Jurisconsult Opinion
  • International Disputes
  • International Child Abduction
  • Prenuptial Agreement
  • Youth Protection
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution

Joli-Coeur Lacasse Avocats

Our team will help you through the various stages that an estate dispute can entail. In particular, we will help you in the files of rendering of account, replacement of liquidator or in procedure of cancellation of will. We advise you in disputes or obligations between de facto spouses, divorces, support payments, child custody, recognition or contestation of paternity and adoption in Quebec or internationally.

We also draft various contracts related to relationships between spouses, such as cohabitation contracts and marriage contracts. Mandates in case of incapacity, wills and powers of attorney are instruments drafted by our lawyers or our notaries and which will give you peace of mind. Other personal protection mechanisms such as curatorship, tutorship and counselor to a person of full age can also be the subject of procedures led by our team of lawyers.

Our mediation coaching allows you to know your rights precisely and to establish in detail what to expect during the mediation process. You will be able to make informed decisions. Our team is also made up of accredited mediators. We primarily serve financial institutions, secured creditors, trustees, receivers and private lenders in connection with the realization of security and corporate restructuring.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Adoption
  • Parental authority
  • Name change
  • Consent to care
  • Wedding contract
  • Cohabitation contract
  • Non-litigious steps in matters of succession
  • Divorce and separation
  • Defamation law
  • Family law

Robinson Sheppard Shapiro , S.E.N.C.R.L

Whether you are married, about to be married, or a de facto spouse, it is important to fully understand your interests and those of your children before, during and at the end of the union. Our family law professionals understand that the concerns relating to life as a couple are multiple and complex. Often business people have assets that are difficult to value or realize. It also happens that spouses are partners in the same company.

Members of our Business Law group can help clarify and reorganize assets at stake. Working with our Estates, Wills & Trusts group ensures that your estate planning remains consistent with your intentions after your divorce. Mediation is recognized as an advantageous method of resolving disputes, usually cheaper and faster than recourse to traditional courts.

Experienced family law counselors can pave the way for a quick and harmonious resolution of marital disputes, whether or not the spouses choose to be accompanied by their lawyers. Legal action, whether plaintiff or defendant, is always demanding, because it requires time, financial resources, knowledge of legal issues and risk-taking. We know that, in a litigious situation, the concerns are not only related to business: they have an impact on the reputation, sometimes personal, the proper functioning of a company as well as on many human factors.

Our Practice Areas:

  • Divorce and separation
  • Sharing of family patrimony
  • Partition of partnership of acquests
  • Support order for children and spouses
  • Support obligation between civilly united spouses
  • Compensatory allowance
  • Unjust enrichment
  • Prenuptial agreements and marriage contracts
  • Cohabitation and civil union agreements
  • Obligations towards adult children

Cote Carrier Avocats

Côté Carrier Avocats brings together lawyers working in multiple areas of law. With a wide range of practice areas, Côté Carrier Avocats is able to offer its clients a full range of professional services at competitive prices. For the lawyers of Côté Carrier Avocats, the relationship of trust with the client is a priority, thus allowing the development of a lasting relationship. Our conciliatory approach and our varied rates allow us to adapt to our customers and offer them flexibility in invoicing.

We mainly offer our services and advice to individuals, professionals and businesses in the greater Quebec City and Lévis region (North Shore and South Shore). Our online consultation service at the price of $50.00 + taxes is accessible no matter where you are. We offer a lawyer consultation service, online or in person, at low cost. This legal consultation service does not require the opening of a file, which allows you to save on administrative costs.

Our Services:

  • Commercial, Corporate and Business law
    Drafting of contracts of a commercial nature, leases, confidentiality agreement, partnership contract, movable hypothec, loan or sale contract.
  • Insurance law
    Analysis of insurance contracts, contesting decisions, negotiation of settlements and litigation before the courts.
  • Citizenship and Immigration law
    Application for sponsorship, permanent residence, temporary permit (study, work, visitor).
  • Family, Personal and Adoption law
  • Labor law
  • Civil law, Real Estate and Hidden Defects
  • Criminal law